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  • If the zombies eat 1 victim, the game is over DF63-14DF Only 1 victim to rescue per level BAA1-44A4 Can advance to next level after getting 1 victim D46E-1D0F Start on level 2 D76E-1D0F Start on level 3 D06E-1D0F Start on level 4 D96E-1D0F Start on level 5 D16E-1D0F Start on level 6 D56E-1D0F Start on level 7 D66E-1D0F Start on level 8 DB6E.
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In the Genesis version of Zombies Ate My Neighbors, the game over message is spelled out in blood that comes down the screen. On the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the blood was recolored purple in order to comply with NIntendo of America's policies against excessive blood and gore in their games. Huge SNES Lot Of 21 Game Including Game Genie - Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Condition is 'Good'. Flaws are mainly on the cheaper games. Some backs are poor. All valuable games are atleast good to very good (See Pictures) For further pictures, please ask and I can provide. Zombies Ate My Neighbors Madden 95 Mortal kombat 2 Game Genie.

Sound test

Press L or R at the Lucas Arts logo.

Bonus level

Enter BCDF or GYLM as a password.

View end credits

Enter XWJR as a password.

Cheerleaders vs. The Monsters bonus level

Enter WBGR as a password to begin game play on level 9 with all ten victims. Rescue all victims on each stage up until level 12 (Mars Needs Cheerleaders) to reach the 'Cheerleaders vs. The Monsters' bonus level.

Passwords for levels

Level №5- Password is FHRX VHRV VHRV; Level №9- Password is NBGW PBGG PBGG; Level №13- Password is RFCR XFCK; Level №17- Password is RKYL BKYZ BKYZ; Level №21- Password is PXBG DXBR VXBB; Level №25- Password is XYLZ XYLZ XYLZ; Level №29- Password is XLZG YLZD YLZD; Level №33- Password is WJQK WJQK WJQK; Level №37- Password is BZVG FZVM BZVG; Level №41- Password is BRPK FRPJ BRPK; Level №45- Password is VLHX PLHZ VLHZ.

Level Passwords

Start in later levels of the game by entering these passwords. At the Title Screen, access the Password Option and press the START button. On the Password Screen, enter these codes to start on that level in the game. The stages give you passwords every five levels, so this way you can get to later stages.

Level 05: FHRX

Level 09: NBGW

Level 13: RFCR

Level 17: RKYL

Zombies Ate My Neighbors Cheats Game Genie

Level 21: PXBG

Level 25: XYLZ

Level 29: XLZG

Level 33: WJQK


Zombies Ate My Neighbors Weapons

Level 37: BZVG

Level 41: BRPK

Level 45: VLHX