Users who are looking for an easy way to live-stream their Mac or iOS device’s displays to YouTube would do well to take a look at Broadcaster for YouTube 1.1. The app offers a quick and easy way to broadcast live content to YouTube.

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Video sources that can be streamed include the Mac’s desktop, as well as video from individual apps, iOS devices, webcams, and more.

While there are already a number of live-streaming solutions available for use by professionals, Broadcaster for YouTube is aimed at the business person or hobbyist who needs to live-stream presentations, demonstrations, or even video games to YouTube.

A user simply needs to do is make sure live-streaming is enabled on their YouTube account, run the Broadcaster for YouTube app, select the video and audio sources, and click the “ON AIR” button. Within a minute or so, the live broadcast is streaming to YouTube viewers everywhere.

Youtube Tv Mac Desktop Apps

Uses for the app include:

  • Live presentation to employees or investors
  • Live streaming of ongoing news, such as financial market analysis
  • Broadcast meetings, discussions, and training seminars
  • Application and game demonstrations and reviews

Youtube App For Mac Os

Features Include:

Youtube Tv Mac Desktop App Installer

  • Captures the screen or app, including cursor movements
  • Offers the ability to capture the screen of a connected iOS device
  • Offers Webcam Capture, and allows for use of multiple cameras
  • Convenient slot-oriented video mixer supports predefined TV-scenes & multi-scenes
  • Recording function records while you live-stream, or for upload at a later time
  • Offers complete YouTube integration for quick live-streaming and publication

Macbook Youtube App

Broadcaster for YouTube 1.1 is $9.99, and is available through the Mac App Store, as well as the Mac Broadcaster website. A 7-day free trial is also available for download at the Mac Broadcaster website.