©This secret page is for CSRs only. Please not share its link to any 3rd party. All CSRs stay updated here on this page.

  • Today- 22 Sep 2020
  • Follow the website for all information. first read all pages of website & understand all points.
  • Read product page and Quotation page every time. better 2 time a day. morning and evening.
  • Now a days, demand of Nitrile Gloves is very high & there a lot of scamers in this filed. so please take serious every deal.
    •    SOP            
  • All CSRs must follow SOP &  these steps. because there is no time to waste.
  • Verify your customer is rel when talk with customers. check his all contact address like email. number, country & his status.
  • introduce yourself and share your CSR page to your cusotmer.
  • discuss with him about his demand & your available product. 
  • share quotation & product page for better & direct /correct information.
  • Guide your customer for our Purchase policy & share him FAQ page link. All important question answers are there.
  • when customer ready to buy the product then guide him about our purchase policy & share short informtion about our SPA.
  • Remember. get all 4 important documents for SPA one time. 1-PO, 2-POF, 3-Buyer company & 4-Singature person passport scan copy.
  • Clear him all buying terms once again. because after SPA from seller its very short time to complete the deal.
 if any question. please approch to your seniour leader for more informations, Thank you.

                                                                   best wishes
                                                                           Support Team- eTop-Traders Co., Ltd ( Thailand)

    • ©eTop-Traders Co., Ltd – Work-Frame

  • Today 04 September 2020-
    • Organization & management team
  • Chairman:  Mr JAK     (Javed Abbas Khan)
  • Director:  Ms Joom    (Oranit Chaichanwongsa)
  • GM:  Mr Kayani      (Muhammad Rizwan Kayani)
  • Director Marketing: Mr Imam    (Mr.Imam Al Kelantani)
    • Organization & management team duties
  • Corporate management will deal with all brand sellers. Make sure about product availability , finalized the price & SPA.
    • Senior Sales Manager
  • senior sales manager will update his progress to Director Marketing: Mr Imam  (Mr.Imam Al Kelantani)
  • senior sales can add serious CSRs in his team & update their details with Director Marketing: Mr Imam  (Mr.Imam Al Kelantani) for updating data on our website.
  • senior sales always update his team about new terms & products availbility.
  • make sensership on buyers & help his team CSRs to get the sales target.
  • help CSRs to get documents & complete the process of deal.
    • CSRs Duties
  • Manage his own skills & stay update with all informations at website.
  • verify the customer & discuss with him all purchase matters i.e price , availbility & terms of purchase
  • once buyer ready to purchase update to his senior Sales manager.
  • sales manager will help him to get all documents for SPA & connect him with Director Marketing: Mr Imam  (Mr.Imam Al Kelantani)
    • Distribution of Commission
  • eTop-Traders Co., Ltd believe on honest deal. its very important every one focus on his job. once any deal done. All commission goes to everyone who are involve in that deal. Our steps are as under:
  • corporate team Organization & management team will recieved the commission from seller & after paying of legal taxes all amount will distribute with every member who involve in that deal.
  •  All amount will distribute in corporate meeting. 
  • Chairman:  Mr JAK     (Javed Abbas Khan) will attend it & control all financial matters. 
  • Legal low matter will discussed in this meeting to ovide future issues in team.
  •  Corporate gave all commission to Director Marketing: Mr Imam  (Mr.Imam Al Kelantani). After that Director Marketing: Mr Imam  (Mr.Imam Al Kelantani) will discuss with senior sales to disribute the commission to all CSRs.
  • Final report after paying to everyone their commission. will submitted with all details to company.
  • Chairman:  Mr JAK (Javed Abbas Khan)  can verified it by his own source & stamp file as close.
     if any question. please approch to your seniour leader for more informations, Thank you.
                                                                   best wishes
                                                                           Support Team- eTop-Traders Co., Ltd ( Thailand)