Using the Teamwork Desktop App Creating or Adding a Desktop Timer. Mobile Apps: Unlike most project management software, Teamwork works great even when you’re away from your computer. The iPad app functions almost as well as the desktop version and allows you to upload and view files, assign tasks, create or reply to messages, and a whole lot of other important things.

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It’s no secret that teamwork plays an imperative role in the success of project management. You rarely associate one without the other, so let’s figure out why.

The importance of teamwork

Teamwork can be best defined as “the process of working collaboratively with a group in order to achieve a goal.” It is about gathering together a group of individuals from different backgrounds in hopes that their collective talents, skills, and experiences will provide a more efficient and successful outcome.

A crucial aspect of any workplace, not only does successful teamwork benefit the group as a whole, but it can also enhance personal development for the individuals involved. Essential attributes of teamwork such as communication, commitment, providing support, and sharing ideas and responsibility are exercised and reinforced when working on teamwork projects. Once the project has been accomplished, members of the team can walk away with their improved skills and apply them elsewhere in their work or even personal life.

For teamwork to be achieved, there has to be great leadership in command. Teamwork can’t work without someone guiding the group, ensuring that everyone knows their role, and is on the same page. A leader, who is also usually the project manager as well, is also be responsible for coordinating the activity amongst the group, as well as encourage communication and collaboration .

Teamwork in project management


We all know that for teamwork projects to succeed, good project management needs to be implemented. While the practice of project management can be done solo, in order to achieve the plan’s purpose, it can’t happen without a team. Even after the initial project plans have been created, and the project activity has started, the project manager, too, has to engage in teamwork to accomplish a successful delivery. (You can see how one cannot work without the other)

The part that a project manager plays is that of a leader’s: to facilitate activity, delegate tasks, instruct the team, offer support, and ensure communication and collaboration is on point. A great way to coordinate all of this is to use project management software, as this not only allows the project manager to keep on top of things, but it also works as a teamwork app to ensure everyone on the team is doing their bit and is working towards the same goal.

Teamwork & project management software

Using a project management software not only streamlines the overall project process, but it can have an effective influence on teamwork. Software comes in various shapes and sizes that can cater to any type of team, regardless of the teamwork pricing allowance given for the tool or the type of project you are embarking on.

The advantage of using project management tools is that it can enhance productivity within your team. Most, if not all, tools offer a centralized platform where project documents and data can be kept and easily accessible for team members. This makes collaboration easier as you no longer have to send files back and forth via email or chat app.

Progress visibility is another benefit to using project management software. Because everyone’s tasks are displayed, accountability becomes evident as everyone can see who’s responsible for what. Gantt charts are especially good for this as they feature task dependencies, which is what manages the links between activities, setting them up in sequential order. Team members will have to communicate and work together to ensure that tasks are completed in the right order so as to avoid project disruption and delay.

Teamwork Mac App

How to achieve teamwork in a project management setting

Tick these off your lists, and your team is on its way to making the dream work:

1) Ensure everyone is familiar with who they’re working with
If the project team consists of people from different departments, or individuals who were newly recruited and placed together, set aside a time before the project starts for everyone to get to know each other. You could even introduce a teamwork project management tutorial that could help with the process. Knowing the people you are working with creates a better work environment, and it also means that people are less likely to be self-conscious to ask for assistance and/or advice.

2) …and that they know their value
Commitment plays a huge role in teamwork (and project management) success, and it can be an easy thing to neglect if you feel that your involvement holds no value. While there will be different roles with various levels and responsibility, ensuring that every team member is aware of how important their job, and everyone else’s, is to the project can strengthen commitment towards the team and the project’s objectives.

3) Teamwork overview is transparent
Unless people know what the project’s objectives are, then working towards something en masse may be a bit of a challenge. A clear overview of what is expected from everyone individually and as a group not only highlights their obligations, but also gives meaning to the project.

4) Communication is accessible
Using project management software means that there is a teamwork app available for members to utilize and connect with each other. Access to instant communication provides quick assistance for anyone needing help with their work, and also ensures that any bumps on the road can be swiftly taken care of. A common key attribute for both teamwork and project management, neither would be accomplished without communication.

5) Sufficient training is provided
Making sure everyone involved in the project is adequately trained in using the chosen project management software is imperative to the delivery. A tool like Zenkit is not only user-friendly with its customizable views, and add-ons that help you cut through the clutter and collaborate better, but it includes customer service so you have assistance whenever it is needed. Ensuring that the whole team is well-versed in the centralized project software means that progress can be tracked, updates and changes are notified, any issues can be rectified promptly, and communication between team members is accessible.

Bringing people together to work collectively is no longer a choice but a necessity for any project-based endeavours. We all now know that successful project execution relies heavily on great teamwork software, and teamwork itself— how the different skills, expertise, and personalities of a group of people can work together harmoniously to achieve project management’s purpose.

As always, we’d love to hear your experiences with team projects! What were the obstacles your team had to overcome? Did the experience enhance your personal development? Let us know in the comment section below 🙂


Dinnie and the Zenkit Team

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A cleanly designed, affordable project management tool

Teamwork Projects has a lot to offer its users, and does so for a pretty good price compared to other project management tools. In some cases, it may even be over-equipped, but for those who like being able to save all kinds of data in all kinds of places, then Teamwork Projects may be a great choice. It offers notes and tags on tasks, for example, but there are also project-specific areas for files, links, and even notebooks for recording general project information or research.

  • Established: 2007
  • HQ: Blackpool, Cork, Ireland
  • Free tier is a good option for small teams
  • Webhooks feature allows for automated actions
  • Some well known third-party integrations missing

What is Teamwork Projects?

Teamwork projects mac apps

Teamwork Projects is one of many products from, Ltd., an Ireland-based company focused on web-based productivity software. In addition to Projects, Teamwork also offers chat, helpdesk, and document management products. Projects is the company's project management software, and the first product that it launched.

Teamwork says Projects reduces the complexity of team collaboration by allowing everyone to see what they're working on, and what requires special attention, through the use of features like personal dashboards. It also offers a variety of views, from basic task lists and Kanban-style boards to calendar views and Gantt charts. Teams can also add milestones, sub-tasks, and notes, and use notebooks for research materials. Teamwork Projects even offers social media-like status updates, so that personal profiles can easily broadcast to all team members what everyone is working on.

In This Guide:

Teamwork Projects alternatives

Check out some of Teamwork Projects' key rivals, below, or see our guide to the best project management software:

Teamwork Projects Features

Teamwork covers the basics for project management software, and it does so in a fairly conservative looking interface. Individual tasks offer all the details needed, including the ability to leave comments, assign team members, add files, and set priority levels, progress indicators, tags, dependencies, and privacy levels (if you need to restrict task visibility within the team). There are also the multiple task views you'd expect, including Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and calendars.

Time tracking for desktop

If a team needs to track time spent on a task for metrics or billing, they’ll find Teamwork Projects' Timer app to be a helpful resource. While time tracking is often a key part of running an effective project, this feature is usually farmed out to third parties, or hidden behind upper pricing tiers. Teamwork provides a timer app as a free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The timer allows users to login with their Teamwork account, choose the appropriate project, select their task, and start a timer to accurately log the time spent.

Portfolio view

Teamwork Projects offers a Portfolio view for Premium and Enterprise pricing tiers, which lets team members get an overview of multiple projects at once using a Kanban-style board. The portfolio isn't automatically generated – instead, users have to create their own columns for the board, such as one for a specific client or company department. They then add projects to the board, click on the project, and view the project overview with metrics such as tasks, time spent, milestones, breakdown of tasks by team member responsibility, and an activity trend.

Integrated chat

Teamwork has its own chat function, making it easy for team members to communicate in real time. This is an advantage for teams who don't already have a solution like HipChat or Slack. Even if they do, Teamwork's chat integrates with the Projects tab, meaning you can chat with team members in real time within a specific project to discuss issues, risks, or tasks without jumping between windows or tabs.

Teamwork Projects Video Overview: Performance Management in Action

This video from Teamwork gives a basic overview of getting started with a new project in Teamwork Projects. Take a look to get a better idea of how this software works before making a decision for yourself.

Teamwork Projects Pricing offers four pricing tiers for Projects. The first is called Free Forever, and doesn't cost you a cent. At this level, you get a maximum of 5 users, 100MB of file space, a limit of two active projects, a limited number of boards, and the ability to use subtasks and color themes.

Bump up to the Pro tier, and you'll pay $9 per user, per month (billed annually). This tier requires a minimum of 5 users, and gives the team 100GB of file space, a limit of 300 projects and 50 users, board views, subtasks, color themes, instant file editing, webhooks, and third-party integration with Google Drive,, OneDrive Personal, Dropbox, Slack, and Microsoft Office.

The third tier is called Premium, and costs $15 per user, per month. This tier increases file space to 250GB, and you get a limit of 600 projects and up to 100 users. You also get everything that's in Pro, plus the project portfolio overview feature, two-factor authentication, custom domain usage with SSL, and additional integrations including Microsoft Office, HubSpot, OneDrive Business, Sharepoint, Microsoft Connectors, and Microsoft Project.

Finally, there's Enterprise, which doesn't have public pricing. It offers more than 500GB of file space, unlimited projects, more than 100 users, and everything that's in Premium. It also adds single sign-on, increased security, and a dedicated customer service representative.

Teamwork Projects Review Verdict

Teamwork Projects Mac App Download

Team Projects is a good service. In some cases, we wonder if its interface isn't a little too much, since it doesn't feel as tightly organized as other services. Nevertheless, it offers a good number of options for those who love to keep notes, or who need to save links in a dedicated spot.

Pricing is also good, although Projects could do with a wider variety of built-in integrations – many of which are available on competitor platforms. Noticeable gaps include options for customer resource management and software development.

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