1. Sonicwall Vpn Mac Client

We are using a SonicWall firewall at work and no user cannot access the AppStore using iOS 6 or AppleTV. iOS 7 devices seem to work fine. The only common denominator is the SonicWall. I could not even activate a newly purchased AppleTV within the network, had to connect to my mobile hotspot to activate.

Sonicwall free download - SonicWALL VPN Adapter, SSL-VPN NetExtender Adapter, SonicWall Mobile Connect, and many more programs. Navigate to the SonicWall VPN Clients page. Select Mobile Connect and click APP STORE button under Get Mobile Connect for macOS. Click Get and then click Install App. Once the app has been installed it can be opened and connected to a SonicWall SMA or firewall appliance for remote access. Finding the Ethernet Hardware (MAC) Addresses of the SonicWall. DESCRIPTION: This article describes how to obtain the SonicWall MAC Address and its interfaces' MAC Addresses. RESOLUTION: The Ethernet hardware (MAC) addresses of the interfaces on any SonicWall appliance can be found using one of the following techniques.


I have whitelisted all 4 of Apple's servers within the firewall and the 2 ports were already opened from other internal applications. What am I missing that needs to be done to allow access for activations and the downloading and using of apps?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3

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Sonicwall Vpn Mac Client

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