Quotation & Proposal for Nitrile Gloves Import


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Dear Sir,

  •           Due to high demand of medical examination gloves there not free lot available in the stock. However, you have a way to reserve your lot before all goes book again.  
Nitrile Powder free Medical Gloves
  • GG  Nitrile – 215 THB,            Thailand
  • T-Union  Nitrile  220 THB. 200,000 to 400,000 Box per month.(Thailand). Please wait for the new Lot. “* Currently Major production is in Thailand*” Vietnam production is fully booked.
  • Siraphan Nitrile 220 THB,     Thailand
  • ONCE ALL Nitrile- 220 THB   Thailand  * ALL CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE, monthly 100,000 to 300,000 Boxes
    • * size S, M & L only    * We not deal in XL Size
Latex Powder free Medical Gloves
  • T-Union Latex Powder free–     195 THB    Vietnam / Thailand * Limited Stock available,   
  • ONCE ALL Latex Powder free- 195 THB,   Thailand
  • ONCE ALL Latex Powdered –  195 THB,    Thailand
    • * Size S, M & L only    * We not deal in XL Size, We provide if available
      Following Brands are fully booked on our end. waiting for the New Lots.
  • AE Gloves – FULLY BOOKED
  • Anny Gloves – FULLY BOOKED
  • Pure Gloves – FULLY BOOKED
  • Info:   eTop-Traders.co Ltd is Sub-Distributor. Your contract & transection direct with brand/factory.

Terms & condition:


*Please note our terms against this quotation.

**Below amount is depending on your final order amount.

(i)           30% amount of all order as contract insurance. TT

(ii)          70amount of all order packing lists. TT/ LC at sight

  • Country org:     (i)        Thailand-Vietnam-Malaysia
  • Certification:    (i)         USA Medical standard.
  • Shipping:           (i)         FOB, Bangkok, Thailand
  •  Please Note:
    • * size S, M & L only    * We not deal in XL Size
  • Delivery schedule On sign contract
  • * First come, First get policy applied.
  • * Feel free to contact us for any further info 24/7
  • * Currently this product is Tax free for export as per government policy.
Best wishes
eTop-Traders.co ltd
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