The buyer customer will follow these steps.

  1. Buyer can see our quotation online. All the times we are updates with fresh price and brands.
  2. The buyer can choose the brand. And read our terms.
  3. Buyer will send us ( A,B,C,D documents ) A. PO / Purchase or with clear Quantity. B. buyer company details & registration certificate. C. Buyer signature person passport. D. POF proof of fund. This financial statement not over than 5 days.
  4. As above document received us. We make SPA (Sale Purchase Agreement) you can see the sample of SPA (Sale Purchase Agreement)Click here. It might be little different upon few terms.
  5. We send you SPA. Buyer sign and stamp it and send us back.
  6. We received buyer stamped SPA & we complete it from our Office.
  7. After it. Buyer will received the Final copy of SPA (Sale Purchase Agreement).
  8. When buyer get the copy of final SPA (Sale Purchase Agreement) within 72 hours buyer will take action to deposit the initial amount.
  9. For depositing the initial amount buyer need support of some document’s verification from our end. So, our support team is online with buyer. Same time we gave you verification upon all necessary documents.  * better update and stay online with us when you are going to deposit so on you No get hurdle for verification documents from our end
  10. As we received your amount. Our end you get a receipt against your amount. Its pre-cash receipt.
  11. Now you are a perfect buyer. A unique link of our website will be sent to you. You all payment and shipment status you can see always. * its unique link is for your use only. No 3rd person/party can approach this until you not share with an 3rd party.
  12. Your amount will go to Brand/factory. And your production lot reserved for you. You need to prepare your shipping company to pickup your shipment on time.
  13. All legal export document you will get on shipping list. So, there is no issue with custom or other government matters.
  14. Ever shipment you need to pay remain amount on SGS inspection. normally SGS inspection held before 72 hours of shipping of shipment. We recommend you to pay on time.
  15. Remaining amount we get TT/LC at sight. There is no other method of payments are accepted like insurance policy or credit line documents.
  16. Final Bill /Tax invoice you will received with shipping list documents.
  17. All order statement you can see online at your unique link. See No.11
  18. Please follow the Quotation for the payment terms. 
  19. Stay touch with us if you need any help from us. We are always available via Whats-app chat link. You can see it on the left side of our website.

You want to know more. Visit our FAQs page. Click here.

Thank you

Best wishes

                Support Team eTop-Traders Co., Ltd