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What is Nitrile? How it is beneficial?

Nitrile is a rubber based synthetic material. It is a chemical compound to mostly utilized as a material in manufacturing disposable gloves. It is quite long since Nitrile is being used, in recent times, it has now widely became cost effective. This is the main reason behind popularity of Nitrile in entire set of industries including healthcare, cleaning, restaurants & food manufacturing and other sub fields of medical and surgical. It is nature of Nitrile to show puncture resistance as compared to any other glove material used in manufacturing like Latex or Vinyl. Nitrile, comparatively shows best performance in chemical resistance.

What is Latex? What the benefits of Latex Gloves?

Latex is extracted from rubber trees. It is no doubt that the most common materials used in disposable glass today is latex as it has strong composition which is the best and most affordable in disposable gloves market. Therefore, some of the institutions in healthcare industries such as hospitals and surgical wards have started to change their Nitrile gloves stock with that of latex gloves.

Comparison between Latex gloves and Nitrile gloves, which are the best?

The simple answer is that as compared to the quality of latex gloves the Nitrile gloves have stronger quality. But in order to make a proper comparison it is notable that latex gloves are cheaper option especially for those customers and places which do not require a strong chemical composition and puncture resistance in disposable gloves.

Therefore it can be say said that the job or task for which you are going to use the disposable gloves is the right question to ask.

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