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My Tags are only available on the PlanGrid for iOS app, and are only saved on that individual device. My Tags cannot be shared with other users across the project, accessed on the website or PlanGrid for Android app, or on other devices logged in under your account. To create 'My Tags': 1. A new app puts blueprints with Apple's tablet, allowing construction managers and architects to leave the thick bundles of paper behind and distribute updated plans without the hassle of reprinting. Photos taken in app now automatically copy to device gallery - Bug fixes and performance enhancements 8/20/2014: 1.4.0 - Snapshots - Share features - Email out punchlist and issues reports directly from the app - Email out full size sheet pdf file directly from the app - Bug fixes and performance enhancements 7/24/2014: 1.3.0. PlanGrid continues to flow and keep up to date with the latest trends in the construction industry. Being able to house all construction documents needed to build a building is key and makes for much a much smoother run project. Overall, PlanGrid is a must for construction projects.

March 14, 2016 7:00 PM CDT

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PlanGrid for Education available for no cost to students and instructors


PlanGrid has emerged as one of the most mature apps for viewing, amending and discussing construction drawings on a collaborative cloud-based platform.
It is the number-one most downloaded app for reading blueprints, and collaboratively sharing plan updates including photos in the iTunes Store.
Established in 2011, PlanGrid is now the largest digital blueprint repository in the world, with over 30 million sheets of construction documents in the cloud, and they’ve helped build over 300,000 construction projects. Construction clients are only just beginning to see what’s possible through the software platform.
In 2014, the company launched PlanGrid for Education, allowing students full and uninhibited access to every feature of the app free of charge.
PlanGrid for Education is also available to instructors for no cost. Students and teachers should sign up for a basic account using their .edu email address and send an email to [email protected] requesting the upgrade.
Find out more about PlanGrid (which operates on both iOS and Android) here.

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