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Do you usually set your Mac to remember and auto-fill passwords? Well, while doing that can be quite handy, sometimes, having your passwords auto-completed has drawbacks, especially when you actually need to remember and type them manually. Luckily, it is possible to view saved passwords on Mac. With password managers for Mac like Keychain, you can remember your app, website, account, or WiFi passwords.

Find Passwords Using Keychain

If you want to remove an app from the locked list, go back to the menu bar app, enter your password, and then click on the “X” button next to the app’s name. AppLocker only works when launching an app.

Keychain is a built-in password manager, which stores different types of Mac passwords. Here’s how to find passwords on a Mac using Keychain:

  • Navigate to Keychain Access by pressing Command + Space keys and then typing Keychain in Spotlight’s search bar.
  • Check the sidebar on your left and go to Category. Click on Passwords.
  • Scroll up and down to look for the password you need.
  • If you have changed a password many times before, there will be a few dates associated with it. Just double-click on the most recent result.
  • Notice the box beside Show Password. Click on it.
  • Enter the password you use to log onto your computer.
  • At this point, the password will be shown.

Find WiFi Passwords on Your Mac

If you forgot about your WiFi password and a visitor asks for it, you can use this method to retrieve your WiFi password. Just make sure you know the name of your WiFi network.

  • Go to Keychain Access by using the Command + Space keys to open Spotlight. Once open, enter ‘Keychain’ into the search bar.
  • While in Keychain Access, search for your network’s name.
  • Double-click on the most relevant result that shows.
  • This time, when you click Show Password, you will be asked to enter your admin username and password. If you forgot your username, click on the Apple logo at the top of your screen and check the username of the account you are currently logged in as.
  • Now, the password will show in the box beside Show Password.

Reveal Login Username and Passwords for Websites in Safari

While Safari makes it easy for you to remember your username and password for a specific website by filling them for you, sometimes, you just need to enter them yourself. Just in case you forgot your usernames and passwords, Safari has most likely saved them all for you. Here’s how you can reveal your usernames and passwords in Safari:

  • Open the Safari app.
  • Go to Safari menu and click Preferences > Passwords.
  • Click the checkbox beside Show passwords for selected websites. Take note that doing this will require an administrator password to be entered.
  • Select the website whose password you want to reveal from the list.
  • Click Allow if permission is requested.
  • The login details for that website should now be revealed.
  • You may repeat these steps to reveal other website logins that have been stored within Safari.
  • Once you’ve obtained the password you need, you can uncheck the box beside Show passwords for selected websites for security purposes. You may also choose to Remove passwords from the list if you do not want them saved by Safari.

Other Popular Password Managers for Mac

Keychain Access sure does offer lots of significant benefits to average Mac users, but sometimes, there’s just too many passwords to manage. Fortunately, some apps are designed to resolve this issue, as they help Mac users organize and store passwords. These apps are called password managers. Below, we list five of the best password manager apps for Mac today:

1. Dashlane

Aside from being a secure digital wallet, Dashlane works as a password manager. This fantastic app comes in a free version, but it can be upgraded to a Premium version with more features, such as the ability to support different platforms and handle a multitude of devices in sync.

To access Dashlane, you merely need to use one master password, which is not stored nor recorded. After that, you will have access to a secure system that stores and secures data using AES-256 encryption.

Dashlane has many other notable features, such as two-factor authentication, automatic password generation, a dashboard, security breach alerts, secure backup, and a quarterly report on the analysis of security policy.

As mentioned above, this app is not just a password manager. It can be used as a digital wallet for storing bank account details, ID information, personal details, and even credit card information. Since it is easy and efficient to use, the New York Times described Dashlane as one of the best password managers for Mac today.

2. LastPass

Developed by LogMeIn Inc., LastPass is a versatile password manager for Mac. Though it’s a free commercial software app, it also comes with a Premium version that works with iOS, Android, and OS X. The best thing about this password manager is it has many exciting features, including the capacity to auto-fill passwords on websites, as well as personal information in forms. It also has a password generator that helps users to create secure passwords using a combination of characters. If you are looking for a reliable yet free password manager for Mac, then LastPass is a good choice.

3. KeePassX

Another reliable password manager for Mac is KeePassX. It is an open source and free app that comes in two versions: installable and portable. It has built-in features and capabilities that made it one of the best password managers for Mac today. Apart from password safekeeping, it works with third-party tools and plug-ins and can generate secure passwords. Interestingly, its functionalities can also be extended to other devices, platforms, and browsers. Initially, this password manager was created by an open-source community for Windows. They called it KeePass. It’s just recently when its domain was extended to OS X devices, making it a multi-platform app.

4. 1Password

While 1Password is a paid commercial tool, it can be used for free within a 30-day trial period. The concept of this password keeper is to let Mac users remember only one password, which is called the master password. Once logged in, users can access the database of the tool itself, where passwords are stored and secured using AES-256 encryption.

Another great feature of 1Password is that it also safekeeps documents, credit card information, PIN codes, and many more. This tool can be integrated with web browsers, too. That way, it will be easier to generate passwords for online account registrations or filling in personal information or credit card details.

Wrapping Up

Take note that you are dealing with crucial information here, so you have to be extra careful while revealing or storing passwords and other information with password managers like Keychain. Sure, the details you saved on these password managers may be protected, but you never know if there are prying eyes around you. Before you find passwords on your Mac, be sure nobody is around you.

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How many times has it happened to you that you have forgot the login details of a particular site? We log into various sites in our day to day lives and often create random passwords for them. But if we lose touch with the website, then we often forget what passwords we had created for the sites. Some people use their birthdays or phone numbers as passwords too. It is these accounts that can be easily hacked into. If you are under the impression that using one tough password for all your accounts will keep you safe, then buddy, you are so so wrong… Once your password falls into someone’s hands, all your accounts will get hacked! The best way to get rid of such risks is to go for the Best Free Password apps for iPhone.

We have compiled a list of 12 best free password apps for iPhone for you guys. These will help you keep track of all your passwords and things become more organised. So, no more wrong password lockouts or falling in risks of getting your account hacked.

You can now save all your passwords in one place using Password managers Apps.


1. 1Password: Free Password manager app for iPhone

With AES 256-encryption and touch-ID unlocking technique, the 1 Password is one of the best free password apps for iPhones. Its complex password generator allows you to create tough-to-crack passwords. It also supports Apple watch and you can also use it as a desktop application. You can sync it with your iPad too.

2. Sticky Password:

Well-known for its easy to use interface and smooth biometric authentication, the Sticky Password is one of the coolest password managers in the market. It has both desktops as well as mobile versions. It also allows an encrypted online backup database for people who tend to lose their devices more often. The paid version permits Wi-Fi syncing across multiple devices.

3. LastPass 4.0:

With a stunning user interface, the LastPass version 4 is compatible with multiple desktop operating systems (Windows, Mac, or Linux), multiple smartphones OS (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry), or multiple tablets operating systems (Android, iOS, or Windows). You just have to remember one master password to get access to all other saved passwords in the app.

4. msecure:

The customizable and free password app for iPhone uses Blowfish’s 256-bit encryption and touch ID access to secure your passwords. It has over a dozen of pre-made templates which can be used to save your login credentials just the way you want. You can also use tags and notes as per your convenience.

5. LogMeOnce Password Management Suite Premium:

This password manager can be used to sync your passwords with Windows, Android, and Mac products. Very soon it is also going to launch an iPhone compatible version. This free password manager is completely free of cost. There is absolutely no limit on the number of passwords and devices that you can use.

6. Password Wallet:

This can easily be listed among the best free password apps for iPhones. ‘Are password managers safe?’…If this question is troubling you then Password wallet can assure you that it is safer to save passwords in it than anywhere else. With a Blowfish 448-bit encryption to enable faster block ciphering, Password wallet also allows the user to create multiple wallets. As a result, you can easily sort your passwords folder wise; different ones for credit cards, social media sites etc.

7. KeePass:

One of the best password managers for iPhone 6 is KeePass which is an open source free password manager. It is compatible with Windows, Linux as well as iOS devices. It has three distinct methods of authentication; master password, key file, and Windows user account. Unlike other password managers, KeePass does not integrate with your browser to get hold of the passwords and login details. You have to create each input manually.

8. Keeper:


This AES 256-bit encrypted password manager with TRUSTe and SOC-2 certification is one of the most organized and easy to use password managers for iPhones. It uses touch ID to allow access to the password storage unit. You can also opt for a multi-authentication access in which additional inputs from your Apple watch will be needed to get into the vault. If you subscribe for the application then you can sync it to multiple devices too.

9. Symantec Norton Identity Safe:

Yet another top contender in the list of best free password apps for iPhones is the Symantec Norton Identity Safe password manager. You can sync your stored passwords with various Windows, iOS, or Android devices. It supports touch ID authentication in iOS devices and supports credit card capture and autofill in Android and iOS editions.

10. Enpass:

This application has got numerous templates for you to save all kinds of confidential information in a very sorted way. The AES 256-bit encryption and touch ID authentication ensures that no one apart from you can have access to your sensitive information. Its compatibility with Apple watch ensures you can get your passwords from your smartwatch.

11. Dashlane:

This free password manager app for iPhone also works on other operating systems like Windows and Linux. It allows the user to save credit card details, passport details, site login credentials etc. with ease and also auto fills Web-forms with personal information. It has got a premium version which allows you to sync your details with other devices.

12. 1U Password Manager:

iOS users swear on this password manager application. You can manage your password through the desktop application version but you need biometric authentication through your mobile. The advanced facial recognition biometrics of the application makes it a highly secure password manager.


Note: Currently this software website is not working or maybe they discontinue their service

While most of the above-mentioned best password managers for iPhone are free, some of them are paid ones. But we assure you that they are worth every penny. Security of your information matter more than spending a few bucks.

Password App Mac Free Mac

Do mention in the comment if you want us to add any other password manager to our list.