The volume on the overcast app on my watch is very quiet, especially when played to my Bluetooth headphones from my watch. It is much quieter compared to Apple Music and softer than the beeps on the actually headphones when changing the volume. This is the newest watch with everything on the.

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Overcast App Mac Os


Thanks for reaching out in Apple Support Communities. I understand that you're not seeing podcasts from the Overcast app on your Apple Watch, even when the settings in the app are properly configured. I'll be happy to help.

From the screenshot you provided, I recommend to temporarily turn off, 'Auto-Sync to Watch', then restart both the iPhone and the Apple Watch. Once that's done, please turn 'Auto-Sync to Watch' back on again, to see if you're able to sync your podcasts without any issue. If needed, here's how to properly restart an iPhone and an Apple Watch:

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Overcast Mac Os

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