Xbox One owners have been able to stream their games to PCs running Windows 10 since 2015, but Mac compatibility has been notably, and expectedly, lacking. A new app, OneCast, promises to deliver. Convenience - Transfer your gaming session to your Mac when the TV is unavailable or when you simply want to enjoy the comfort of another room. MacOS Native - OneCast runs natively on macOS, without requiring complex workarounds such as dual booting or virtualisation. Quality - Supports HD 1080p video for crisp, smooth gameplay. Control - Play games using the original Xbox One wireless controller connected to your Mac by either USB or Bluetooth.

OneCast, an app that has been available since 2018, mirrors your Xbox One console to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch— or even your Apple TV. This enables you to play the games you already own on.

Onecast Free Mac

We’ve released an update to the macOS version of OneCast with the following changes:

  • Fixed a crash bug related to the use of Xbox One controllers connected to the Mac via USB/Bluetooth
  • Fixed an issue that would cause intermittent streaming performance degradation for some users
  • Fixed a bug causing the “Manual local IP address” setting to be disregarded during connection
  • Updated bundled USB controller driver to v0.16.10
  • Miscellaneous other bug fixes and stability improvements

The new build can be obtained either via in-app update or from the download page.

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Onecast Free Download: As the years go, the age of the people increases but their interest and love towards the games will never drop down. It is the fun and the entertainment quotient they have in the gaming will always be the enthusiastic thing in their life even though they pass through the various hard steps of life. The gaming has developed from the handheld console with 2D games to 3D and HD games with high quality.

Onecast Mac Free

Due to the development in technology, along with social websites and streaming websites, the growth of the gaming world also increased. The gamers also developed with a variety of new ideas. The implementation of the people’s favourite into gaming is one important thing to be noticed for its incredible growth.

What is Onecast Free Download?

For all the game lovers Microsoft has developed video gaming brand called Xbox. Initially, it released the gaming console products in competition with Sony PlayStation. It also released many gaming applications and streaming with high quality. Even though for the gamers the Xbox games have become a handful fruit for the Windows user, but the Mac users are still been left out at a longer distance. For those Mac users who are in love with games is provided with Onecast application to stream the Xbox games to the supporting devices with High Definition and without any lag in streaming.

If someone is tied to the TV watching their favourite TV shows and you are no way left with it and to have a different ambience in playing a game or just bored up sitting in the same room or to play a game with much comfort on your bed? Then Onecast application provides you to stream the gaming to your macOS or iOS supporting devices.

Advantages of Onecast application:

Despite the experience, it provides the user of enjoying their favourite game and it also provides the following advantages:

  • Accessibility: The user can transfer the gaming session to an iPod or iPhone when the TV is not available for gaming.
  • Comfort: User can use a different device when the user is bored up in sitting in the same room or have to better comfort on bed.
  • Quality: It supports High Definition display for the live gaming experience.
  • Performance: Extreme better performance without any time lag.
  • Controllers: User can use various supporting consoles.
  • User-friendly: Fast and one-click setup. Quick to start the gaming session.
  • Profiles & Customize: Multi profile access is possible with different Xbox consoles and the virtual screen can be customized as per the user need.
  • Support: Technical support but email service is available if the user purchases the app.


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So for the game lovers, this is the app which provides the facility for the user to transfer their gaming session into their supporting devices. The user can access it through a different device when the user is fed up with sitting in the same room or to use a different console in between the gaming session. It provides the possibility to use the app on iOS or macOS devices. All the users must try this app and enjoy gaming.

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