Want to add an event to calendar on your iPhone 6/6s/7 but iPhone calendar is not working after updating to iOS 11? Read through this article to get some ways to fix iPhone calendar not working problem.

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When I started my Mac this morning I launched Calendar. Its icon bounced briefly in the Dock, my calendar appeared for a second, and then the application quit. Step 3: Choose ‘Default calendar’ from the displayed options. Step 4: Select the Calendar which is visible under the iCloud. Now you have successfully changed the default calendar settings to iCloud calendar. Try out to sync your iPhone calendar with Mac. You can proceed to the next method if you still face the issue. My calendar entries disappeared from my Mac. They are still on my iphone and I did a sync, which took a while but did not restore my calendar, and luckily did not erase the calendar on my iphone. Technician's Assistant: Apple makes such lovely gadgets but they're still computers underneath. That's where the Mac Technician comes in really handy. For personal users a calendar app can be incredibly useful, but for business calendar apps can be essential. When for personal use, you can set it up to remind of annual events such as birthdays. Chances are, your Mac isn’t working as fast as it could, thanks to gigabytes of clutter and unnecessary files on your system. CleanMyMac helps you scan your Mac, monitor its health, and ultimately clean it up—so you can handle all your tasks that extra bit faster. A single license is $39.95. Download: CleanMyMac.

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“The calendar in my iPhone 7 does not allow me to input new events. It was working fine, and I did nothing different to the iPhone except updating it to the new iOS 11. When I try to input a new event, it won't 'stick'. How can I fix this problem?”

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For most iPhone users, iPhone Calendar app plays an important role in our life cause it’s aimed at making our life easier and more effective. It can help you keep track of your weekend planning, birthday date, dentist appointment and etc. But we all know that every iOS update will bring some errors like iPhone data lost, iPhone stuck on Apple logo or iPhone calendars not working. So what if your calendar on iPhone 6/6s/7 is not working on iOS 11? Here we selected some effective solution to solve this iPhone calendar problem, just keep reading and try them one by one.

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My Calendar App On Mac Isnt Working Mac

Basic Tips to Fix iPhone Calendar Not Working After Updating to iOS 11

Tip 1. Check the date and time settings on your iPhone 6/6s/7 after iOS 11 upgrade.


My Calendar App On Mac Isnt Working Remotely

Tip 2. Refresh your calendars on iPhone on iOS 11. Open the Calendar app > tap the Calendars tab > swipe down on the list to refresh your events.

Tip 3. Turn off iCloud Calendar and turn it on again. Go to Settings > your name > iCloud > slide to turn off calendars > wait a few minutes and then turn it on again.

Tip 4. Make sure Calendars are synced on all devices. There are chances that your calendar events not showing up on iPhone but the problem lies on other devices.

Tip 5. Reset the notifications you want to receive after updating your iPhone to the iOS 11. Make sure that the Calendar is turned on.

Tip 6. Remove some useless files on iPhone in iOS 11. There are chances that your iPhone or iPad is out of storage so that the iOS 11 can’t be installed properly. Just delete some useless data and create more space for your new iOS version.

Tip 7. Downgrade your iPhone from iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.3. If none of these tips can work to fix iPhone calendars not working problem, then you can try to downgrade your iPhone to iOS 10.3.3.

Tip 8. Contact Apple for support. You can just take your iPhone to Apple’s after-sale for checking and repairing if your iPhone is still in warranty.

Bonus Tips: What to Do If Your iPhone Calendar Get Lost on iOS 11

There are always some users complaining that iPhone data get lost after updating to the latest iOS 11. So what if your iPhone calendar events disappeared on iOS 11? Normally you could get them back with iTunes or iCloud backup, but meanwhile this means you’ll lose all current data on iPhone. To solve it in a simple way, Primo iPhone Data Recovery is able to recover your lost calendars on iPhone in iOS 11.

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These tips above should have solved your problem of iPhone calendars not working on iOS 11, and Primo iPhone Data Recovery can help you get lost calendars and other iOS files back with ease. You can also leave a comment if you have any other ideals. Just download it and start a free trial now >>

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