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A good screen mockup in PSD or Sketch format helps designers and marketers make professional and attractive websites, portfolios and ad designs with simple clicks. However, searching for the perfect free laptop screen mockup can be time-consuming.

If you are looking for free computer screen mockups especially for Macbook laptops to create a stunning web/app/portfolio advertising design, then, look no further.

Mockplus has rounded up 20 of the best free MacBook mockups and templates in PSD and Sketch formats, including the common clay/white/flat/dark styles for you. Feel free to use these to improve your web/app/portfolio/advertising designs:

Free iMac Pro Mockup to showcase your Mac OS apps or any branding work you might have. Customize background by either placing any texture or fill color of your choice. Just add your own custom design inside the smart object and you are done. Sketch, Balsamiq, and Adobe Experience Design are probably your best bets out of the 4 options considered. 'Clean UI ' is the primary reason people pick Sketch over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision.

  1. Balsamiq is a simple and free mockup tool for Mac, and allows users to sketch out the interface of a web/iOS/Android app on a whiteboard with Mac OS computer/laptops. Its Quick Add function also enables designers to search and drag components to complete mockups interfaces quickly.
  2. Design your mobile app mockups and test them on real devices to get user feedback early in the design process. Use our free mockup tool to simulate your designs on mobile and tablet screens – spot potential problems before any coding starts!

Contents Table:

  • 25 best free MacBook mockup & templates free download
  • 5 best sites to download MacBook mockups & templates
  • 3 must-have MacBook mockup generators

25 Best MacBook Mockups & Templates Free Download [PSD+Sketch]

Mock Up Macos App

Take a look at 25 of the most professional and beautiful MacBook mockups and templates in different angles and scenarios:

1. Modern iPhone X and Macbook Mockup PSD

Designer: Anthony Boyd Graphics

Format: PSD

Size: 276 MB

Dimensions: 5000 x 3750 px


This MacBook mockup example is a realistic mockup which is perfect for designers wishing to showcase their Mac OS website designs. It is created in Cinema 4D, which makes it the perfect choice for users seeking a very beautiful and fashionable screen mockup to showcase their websites or portfolios.

Mock Up Macos App

2. Free Flat Macbook Mockup PSD

Format: PSD

Size: 6 MB


This is a clean and free flat Macbook mockup template that allows designers to stylishly present their designs. Everything is editable and well detailed, allowing users to build their website/portfolio based on their own liking.

3. iMac/iPhone/iPad/MacBook Clay Mockups [PSD+Sketch]

Designer: Ramotion

Format: PSD + Sketch


A set of iMac, iPhone, iPad and MacBook clay mockups in black and white is packed in this mockup sample. It is carefully crafted and fully editable with smart reflections. It offers users both PSD and sketch formats for a better UX.

4. Free Macbook Pro Mockup PSD

Designer: PSD Graphics

Format: PSD


This is a high quality, realistic Macbook pro office environment mockup design. With this mockup, designers can freely replace images on the screen and edit any layer based on their web/portfolio design needs.

It is perfect for showcasing portfolio or website design projects.

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5. Fancy Free Macbook Pro Mockup PSD

Designer: Artø

Format: PSD


This fancy free Macbook mockup sample is a clean and beautiful way for you to showcase your design projects. It features 3 color variations, raster backgrounds and editable screens with smart objects.

6. Free Perspective Macbook Screen Mockup PSD

Designer: Reza Azmy

Format: PSD

Dimensions: 2304 x 1440 px


This free mockup template includes 50 items and 8 PSD files for designers. All objects and shadows are designed on separated layers. Users can fully customize these templates based on their design needs.

It also features editable background colors and a PDF format Help file.

7. Free Realistic MacBook Mockup PSD

Designer: Reza Azmy

Format: PSD

Dimensions: 3000 x 2000 px


With this realistic Macbook mockup, users will get 10 PSD mockup files with smart objects. They all are designed from different angles. Most of the objects, shadows and background are separated and editable.

The mockup colors can be also adjusted, if necessary.

8. MacBook & iPhone X Mockup PSD

Format: PSD

Dimensions: 4000 x 2500 px


This Macbook mockup example is ideal for creating MacBook website presentations. It features separated objects and shadows.

It should be noted that this mockup is partially free, with some premium features, requiring users to pay.

9. MacBook Pro Mockup Freebie PSD

Designer: Gustav Ågren

Format: PSD

Dimensions: 5000 x 3000 px


Download this free Macbook mockup and enjoy its editable Touch Bar as well as smart objects. Its 3d effects are another great reason to choose it.

10. Red Macbook Pro Mockup Free PSD

Format: PSD


This Macbook mockup features a realistic indoor environment, helping create a professional look for your website design. It provides smart object layers that allow users to change the objects with simple clicks.

11. Free Home Office Desk with Macbook Pro Mockup PSD

Format: PSD

Size: 11.71MB

Dimensions: 4000 x 2667 px


This is a Macbook mockup on a home office desk, and features smart layers. It is free for personal and commercial use.

12. Macbook Minimal Mockup for Sketch Freebie

Format: Sketch

Size: 60 KB


This a white Macbook mockup in sketch format features a minimal, subtle and clay render style. It is free for everyone.

13. White Macbook & iPhone Mockup Sketch

Format: Sketch

Size: 3 MB


This is a super clean white Macbook and iPhone mockup template in Sketch format.

14. Mackbook Pro Mockup Pack

Designer: Alexander

Format: PSD + JPEG

Dimensions: 3000 x 2200 px


This MacBook mockup pack allows designers to easily combine their designs into a perfect realistic photo showcase. It offers 6 PSD and 6 JPEG files for users to freely beautify their web/app/portfolio designs.

If you are a newbie, its Help file is a good guide to help you improve your designs.

15. 10 Macbbook Scenes Mockup PSD

Designer: Asylab

Format: PSD

Dimensions: 5000 x 5000 px


This bundle of Mockups includes 6 PSD Macbook mockups and 4 PSD iPhone XS mockups. It features an isometric design style and rich default colors, including white, black, gold, rose, red, etc. Of course, users can further customize the color if they wish.

16. Elegant & Clean Macbook Pro Mockup PSD

Format: PSD

Dimensions: 6000 x 4000 px

Orientation: Landscape


This mockup design pack includes 15 high quality PSD files and allows designers to create realistic and professional web or application designs quickly. It is packed with mockups of different angles, so you can adjust and showcase your designs in beautiful ways.

17. Isometric Macbook with Shapes Mockup PSD

Format: PSD

Dimensions: 4000 x 2800 px


This Mockup includes 6 PSD files with smart objects. Users can change the color of the included shapes or backgrounds freely.

18. Minimalist Macbook Screen Showcase Mockup PSD

Format: PSD

Dimensions: 3000 x 2000 px


This is a minimalist Macbook Screen mockup featuring a clean design style. It allows designers users to insert their website designs with one-click.

In short, it is a perfect option for you to create a minimalist website design/portfolio/ad.

19. Flying Macbook Pro Screen Mockup PSD

Format: PSD

Dimensions: 3000 x 2000 px

Orientation: Landscape


This beautiful Macbook pro screen mockup template features a flying angle design. It allows users to easily customize the background colors and element layers to create an eye-catching web design.

20. 7 Creative Macbook Pro Scenes Mockup PSD

Format: PSD

Dimensions: 6400 x 4800 px


This bundle of Macbook pro mockups is packed with 7 different scenes in high resolution 6400 x 4800 px. This template comes with a silver color, but can be easily changed based on your design needs.

21. MacBook Mockups PSD

Format: PSD

Dimensions: 3500 x 2300 px

Orientation: Landscape


This is an Apple device mockup collection that supports MacBook, iPad and iPhone 5 devices. All mockups are designed with smart objects.

You can freely edit the device screen with simple clicks. You can also use these device mockups together or separately based on your needs.

In short, this pack is a good resource for you to create website/ad designs with a good choice of devices and colors.

22. Clean MacBook PSD

Format: PSD

Dimensions: 4500 x 3000 px

Orientation: Landscape


This clean MacBook mockup sample offers designers 5 high-resolution PSD files to present responsive websites.

Its separate layer sets are one of the most attractive features, allowing users to customize their web/app designs. Its rich scenario options are also worth exploring.

A Help file is also included for a better UX.

23. Flexible Macbook Mockups PSD

Format: PSD

Orientation: Landscape


This is a vector and fully layered PSD mockup example with detailed, clean and outline styles. Users can customize their web or portfolio designs based on their own needs.

24. Dark Bruno Paul Macbook Mockup

25. Free Dark Macbook Device Mockup Sketch

We hope this collection of the 25 best Macbook mockups and templates can help you create gorgeous website/portfolio/ad designs.

5 Best Sites to Download MacBook Mockups & Templates

If the above mockup list is not enough, below are the 5 best websites for finding Macbook mockups and templates that suits your needs:

1. Dribbble.com

As one of the most popular places for designers to share their designs and gain inspiration, Dribblem.com is a good place for designers to search and download free design resources, including Macbook mockups and templates resources.

2. Behance.com

Behance.com is another important website for designers to showcase fresh design work and download different design resources for free. Designers can search and find desired Macbook mockups there.

3. Elements.envato.com

As a professional design material website, Elements.envato.com offers lots of creative and beautiful Macbook mockup templates for designers. Some of them are free, but others have a fee associated with them. Designers can download based on their own needs.

4. Creativebooster.net

Creativebooster.net is also a design resource website that lists many free Macbook mockup and template resources.

5. Mockplus blog

Mockplus.com/blog shares different resources for designers to create excellent website/app/portfolio designs. It also offers a wide range of Apple device mockup and template resources.

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3 Must-Have Macbook Mockup tools

If you still cannot find your desired mockup, below are 5 must-have Macbook mockup generators for you to create the perfect Macbook mockups or templates on your own:

1. Mockuper.net

Mockuper.net is an online mockup generator that allows designers to customize their Macbook mockups or templates with simple clicks. It offers a useful mockup library for creating mockups for different environments.

2. Mockplus

Mockplus, an all-in-one rapid prototyping tool, is also a great mockup generator, allowing designers to bring their design ideas into interactive Macbook mockups.

Mockplus offers designers a powerful component library, icon library and component library so that they can customize their mockups to very small detail.

Of course, you can also use it to create your web/app prototypes, test and share them in 8 ways freely.

3. App Launch Pad Mockup Generator

This tool is another good mockup generator that enables users to create quality Apple device mockups with simple clicks.

This mockup generator helps designers make perfect Macbook mockups easily and quickly.

Wrap UP

No matter what your purposes are, we hope these 25 best free MacBook mockups and templates can help you.

Alternately, if you merely want to review them for design inspiration, the 3 must-have MacBook mockup generators can help you create striking web/ad designs on your own.

Check Other Free Apple Device Mockup Resources:

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