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We are proud to introduce a brand new version of our award winning magic app that is loaded with amazing magical features that will enhance your Marvin’s Magic set. First, download the free Marvin’s Magic app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play store and then watch the video below for a quick introduction to the magic. Please note: The Marvin’s Magic App has now been combined with the older iMagic App and completely rebuilt from the ground up to be even better than ever. If you are looking for the iMagic app, please download the new Marvin’s Magic app. All the features have been carried over and updated.

It has apps for Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux. There are personal and Team plans, and you can even invite collaborators without them needing to have a Nozbe account. A Dojo-favorite feature is Project Templates, which lets you have a template for a set of tasks that you complete over and over again (think trip planning or podcast. First, download the free Marvin’s Magic app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play store and then watch the video below for a quick introduction to the magic. Please note: The Marvin’s Magic App has now been combined with the older iMagic App. Marvin sketch free download - Sketch, SketchUp, AKVIS Sketch, and many more programs. Best Apps Popular Apps Related Searches. Use an etch-a-sketch drawing system on your Mac.

Marvin app

Video Instructions

Touch the Yellow section to access video instructions for your magic set. If your set features the magic app Video Logo then you will find a special QR code on the back of your printed instructions booklet. Use the app to scan the QR code to access the video instructions for your set.

Please note: some older sets may not have a QR code or video instructions. If you cannot find a code in your set, please contact our customer services to see if there is one available.

Augmented Reality

Touch the Green section to access amazing Augmented Reality Illusions. Your magic set should have several AR “markers” that will work with this section of the app (check your instruction booklet for details). If you have an older set or can’t find any of the “markers”, download this Marvin’s Magic App Starter Kit to print off some interactive designs that work with the app. DOWNLOAD HERE.

Marvin’s Magic Academy

Touch the Purple section to view a different magic trick every week absolutely free! With a small in-app purchase, you can access the complete Marvin’s Magic Academy Archive. That is over 100 video lessons right at your fingertips that you can learn, perform and enjoy!

Interactive Magic and iMagic

Touch the Red section to access all the interactive tricks on the app. This is also the section that holds all the original iMagic tricks. Use the menu to select the trick you wish to perform and either follow the instructions in your magic set booklet, or watch the ‘?” Video in that particular trick section.

Getting books into Marvin

Marvin is incredibly flexible in this regard. To add books to your library you can:

Marvin App For Mac
  1. Put books anywhere in your Dropbox and Marvin will find them.
  2. Transfer books using iTunes file sharing.
  3. Receive books by email.
  4. Connect to OPDS servers with or without authentication including a calibre or COPS server.
  5. Browse and get books from any website with downloadable eBooks.

Remember that Marvin reads DRM-free books in the EPUB 2 format.


Beyond a one-time login, Marvin doesn’t need any special configuration to get your books into its library from Dropbox. If you’re already a Dropbox user, this is probably the easiest way.

To access books in your Dropbox tap the cloud button at the bottom of either the home or library screen and choose Dropbox:

If you didn’t already link Marvin to your Dropbox account, Marvin will prompt you to do so (this only happens once):

Choose Yes and enter your credentials to continue (if you have the official Dropbox app installed, you won’t even need to do this):

That’s it. Now choose Dropbox again from under the cloud button and Marvin will find all your EPUB books:

Note: due to technical limitations, Marvin will show up to 1,000 books in your Dropbox. If you’ve got more than 1,000 books and have the official Dropbox app installed, Marvin conveniently let’s you launch the Dropbox app as an alternative (tap the launch icon in the top toolbar).

Hint: You can download multiple books at once by tapping the cloud download button in the top toolbar.

iTunes file sharing

This method is useful if you’d like to transfer many books at once. First of all, make sure that the sidebar in iTunes is visible:


  • Connect your iPad to your computer (using the USB cable).
  • Select your iPad from the sidebar, choose “Apps”, scroll down to “File Sharing”.
  • Select Marvin.

Finally, select one or more files from your computer and drag them into the documents box:

Now the books are in Marvin. If Marvin is already running, you have to refresh the library to tell Marvin about the new books. In the library screen, tap the organizer button on top…

Marvin App For Mac Os

…and tap the refresh button in the panel:

Transferring books by email

If you receive an email (that you might have sent to yourself) containing an attached EPUB book, you can select it and open it in Marvin.

View the email on your iPad and tap the attachment to open it in Marvin.

Connecting to an OPDS server

From the home or library screen, tap the cloud button in the bottom toolbar and choose OPDS Catalogs:

When the OPDS browser loads you’ll see the favourites list with links to catalogs you already saved and some other popular ones that are installed by default. To add a new catalog tap the add new catalog button:

Now give your new catalog a name, the address where it is located and, if you have one, a username and password. Marvin supports both HTTP and HTTPS catalogs with or without authentication:

Once you’ve saved your catalog, you’ll find it in the favourites list:

To select and load a catalog, just tap its name in the list. To edit or delete it, tap the coloured button to the right of the name:

Once a catalog is loaded, you can search for books in the catalog:

Download multiple books at once:

Most books have an ellipses button to their right. If you tap the button you’ll see more details about the book as well as other formats the book is in:

If a book is in a format that Marvin cannot open, Marvin will offer to open it in another app for you:

If you use calibre, check out the tutorial on setting up calibre to get books using OPDS.

Getting books using the built-in web browser

Marvin has a built-in web browser that’s designed to download books and import them in your library when you tap on their links. To access the web browser, tap the cloud button in the bottom toolbar of the home or library screen:

Type in the name of the website you want to visit in the address bar or choose one from the favourites list to load it. Browse the website and tap on a book link to download it:

Marvin App

Marvin App For Mac Windows 10

Tapping on the add favourite button will add the website you’re currently visiting to the favourites list to access quickly later on:

Marvin App For Macbook

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