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According ti the article macOS Sierra: If searching your Mac doesn’t return expected results

I can't seem to get the search function in the Apple Mail to work properly. When I search any mailbox using the search field in the upper right corner of the window, there are no results. I used all kinds of search terms and selecting the 'From, To, Subject, Mailbox, Attachment, and Entire. Outlook for Mac works with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, Outlook.com (including Hotmail and MSN), Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and iCloud Learn more about Microsoft 365 Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based subscription service that brings together premium versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneDrive, with the best tools for the way people. Fix: Outlook for Mac’s Search Not Working If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption. In Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac or Office for Mac 2011, you receive a 'No Results' message when you try to search for an email message or apply a filter to a folder, and task items are not displayed in the Tasks folder. Additionally, when you search for mail items by using the Mac OS native Spotlight Search, your search is unsuccessful.

Check the location you’re searching

If you began your search in Spotlight, the search results can include email, Calendar events, Spotlight Suggestions, information from other apps, and more. If you began your search in a Finder window, the search results include only files and folders on your internal disk.

Read the steps in the article , perhaps its best to take back up of all mails and configure once again .

  • Take back of all mails in V4 folder : Method for how to copy in V4 folder .
  • Click on Go on top menu bar , hold option key click on > library > select mail folder > right click on mail there itself > click on copy mail > right click on extreme right hand side in column B , that is below persistence info.plist > click on paste item .

    Entire mails are copied to V4 folder .

    Go to the corrupted IMAP account > open its preferences > select Accounts > select the account that has to be deleted & click on minus sign .

    Configure new IMAP account , go to top menu bar , file > import mail boxes > import data from > select apple mail > click on continue > select the back drop folder then choose new .

    When new IMAP account is opened , a new folder with all mails will appear in the mail side bar .You can rename the folder .

    Sep 11, 2017 6:22 AM

    Nowadays Outlook is the most popular email application that is used to send and receive bulk of emails in an organization as well as personal level. It must be maintained and upgraded timely otherwise many issues may arise. Many times, it is difficult for users to execute and understand Outlook search with updated edition of application. As Search option, is the most important feature of the Outlook application. It helps to perform a specific search of a defined criterion. It helps in navigating through mails and other components quite proficiently. In the following section, we will discuss the trouble faced by the users.

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    Problem Description

    In Outlook 2016 for Mac, users receive a message “No Results,” when they try to search specific mail message or task items are not displayed in Task folder. Moreover, when users search for mail items by utilizing Mac OS spotlight search, the search is not successful. They face an issue of email search not working in Outlook for Mac:

    Note: While performing the search option, user must be aware of the following facts:

    • Operating system must include Spotlight Search Option
    • Spotlight Search should be synchronized with Outlook 2016
    • When new data is introduced, it takes several minutes for indexing

    Causes behind the Issue

    The problem may arise due to following reasons as mentioned:

    • Indexing of Spotlight Search is incomplete
    • The name contains the special characters
    • Profile or its parent folders are in privacy tab in Spotlight
    • Index Search of Spotlight is corrupted

    Way to Resolve the Problem

    Until now, we have discussed the issue and causes behind its occurrence. Now, we will be discussing the methods to solve the problem faced by the users. There are some solutions mentioned below which helps to resolve the issue, i.e. email search not working in Outlook for Mac.

    Apple Mail Not Working

    Solution 1: Complete Spotlight Indexing

    Mail App For Mac Search Not Working
    When the user creates new Outlook profile in Outlook 2016 for Mac or they have imported the new data from PST or OLM files. Then the Spotlight indexing is not completed. In this situation, “No Results” message is displayed. To solve this problem, user should wait for a time to finish the indexing and then search again.

    Solution 2: Eliminate Special Characters

    If Outlook for Mac 2016 has some special characters such as *, /, >, +, @, etc. then, users need to change the identity name by following the steps mentioned below:
    • View Profile Name
      1. Select Go >> Applications.
      2. Click on MS Outlook >> Show Package Contents
      3. Increase Contents, SharedSupport >> Outlook Profile Manager
    • Change Profile Name
      1. Open Identity folder of Outlook 2016 from the mentioned location:
      2. Now, rename the identity name by removing the special characters
      3. Confirm the changes by again viewing the profile name.

    Macbook App Store Not Working

    Solution 3: Remove the tab of Privacy

    If the Outlook 2016, profile folder are added to Privacy tab then, the Spotlight will not index that folder location. Now, remove the location of these folders from Privacy tab in spotlight and wait for the time until these folders to finish indexing.

    Solution 4: Fix Spotlight Index Corruption

    If the user is still facing problem then, Spotlight index may get corrupted. To resolve this, user needs to re-index the Spotlight Index by following few steps:
    1. Select Apple menu then, go to system preference >> Spotlight
    2. Click on the privacy tab and now drag the folder, which user wants to index to list of locations that is prevented from Spotlight search
    3. Choose the folder which is added and remove it from the list by clicking on the remove (-) button
    4. Now, quite the preferences of system and the Spotlight will re-index folder contents.
    After following the mentioned solutions, if the users still face an issue then, they can uninstall the Outlook 2016 from Mac machine and again reinstall.


    Mail App For Mac Search Not Working Together

    In the above discussion, various methods to resolve the occurrence of issue, i.e. Email search not working in Outlook for Mac is discussed. According to experts, a user can try these solutions as they will surely improve the functioning of Mac Outlook. In addition, all these workarounds help in boosting the searching process.