Just about perfect! I have just recently started using Recipe Gallery and am super excited about the functionality! They've pretty much thought of everything that a home cook needs to keep track of recipes. As an avid cookbook collector, the ability to record and classify tried recipes simply by photographing the page is genius. And the search technology includes scanning the photographed page. What headline for this app is the enormous collection of well over 35,000 recipes from famous publishers like Bon Appetit, Gourmet, HarperCollins. Apart from exploring a great many dishes, you can also view recipe reviews and ratings.

When I was little, I aspired to have a robust recipe box or book filled with handwritten notes and clippings from friends, family, and newspapers. I even made my own at a couple different times through the years and was excited to one day have my own house or apartment, carefully select a recipe, and cook it in my kitchen. Obviously the internet has become a thing since that initial childhood vision and while I’ve collected my fair share of clipped recipes, many of my go-tos have also made their way to me via email, text, a blog, and now…screenshots of Instagram Stories. It’s not that the days of recipe books and boxes are over, but the Paprika App lets you catalog recipes digitally and has been a game changer for me in the past couple of years!

  1. . Open recipes on your Android Wear watch Cookmate (formerly My CookBook) is also available on your desktop: Create a free account on our online version Cookmate Online and you will enjoy these additional features (in the app and the website):. Save 60 recipes and 1 shopping list in the cloud.
  2. ‎Save any recipe from magazines, cookbooks, recipe cards, and Web sites in less than a minute with little or no typing. Recipe Gallery is the fastest and most convenient way to save, find and use the recipes you love. Recipe Gallery uses the camera of your iPhone or iPad along with modern optical cha.

When a former manager showed me the app three or so years ago, I nearly dismissed it off the bat–it was $4.99 and I’d literally never spent money on apps! (So many are free…) The thought of recipes living digitally felt strange and I assumed Paprika would contain overly involved functions J and I would never use. I still casually mentioned it to him anyway (out of desperation to get a guy who doesn’t live with a partner to cook) and he downloaded it almost immediately and started to rave about its capabilities and ease of use…you can download any recipe from the web into the app and it breaks down the ingredients and cooking directions + saves the recipe; it’ll scale ingredients down based on your desired serving size; the interface is interactive so you can literally cross things off within the app as you complete them, and if you choose (we haven’t done these) you can build a grocery list based off several recipes and create a monthly meal plan. My favorite feature is that when you have the app open, your iPhone screen doesn’t dim–so you don’t have to keep touching it to keep the screen “on”! Having to constantly hold my phone or unlock it while cooking drives me nuts so that alone makes Paprika worth it to me.

We have yet to get the desktop or iPad versions because they’re $29.99 and the phone app has worked well for us! I feel like there are still some features we could be utilizing but having all our recipes in one place, gradually adding the ones we have jotted down or saved elsewhere, being able to search within the app, and have an easy digital “cookbook” when our hands are full in the kitchen is amazing. We share the same login so recipes deposit into the same account, which is what I’d recommend if you live with or regularly cook with someone else (or just want to share a pool of recipes with someone else!).

If you have the app, let me know if there are any key features we really need to try and if you don’t have it but end up downloading it, tell me what you think!

Recipe Manager Software – let us create our very own recipe database.


Mac Recipe App Reviews Iphone

Is your passion in life is cooking? Do you love to try best recipes from all around the world? Then you must know how valuable these recipes are, and you must store them in such a way, that generation after generation it can be passed on.

Through technological advancement recipe managers software is capable of storing numerous recipes in a virtual platform. You can upload your recipes and add videos too. Software details of this type discussed below:


It is an extremely fun software for sharing your recipes. The unique features it offers are- It has a user-friendly interface, your own recipes can be added easily, equipped with auto generation of the shopping list and plans for menu and import and export of recipes from the internet possible. Compatible with windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and kindle.

Now You’re Cooking!

This recipe software has the ability to store recipes by importing your own recipes and importing recipes from the net in 14 languages. Nutritional value analysis and calculation of diet possible for any recipe. Supports Windows operating system, and has a 60 day trial pack available, full version needs to be purchased.

Home Cookin

This is a Recipe organizer software for adding your own recipes with no limitations to any ingredients. It is an easy and fast program which can plan your meals, can organize shopping list for ingredients and gives you the freedom of creating your own e-book. 15 day trial period available, full version needs purchasing.

Master Cook

It is a software tool needed to organize recipes against cooking for home or cooking for professional needs, and all related activities and turning into custom cookbooks. Planning the menus, shopping list, meals and calculation of nutritional value for each recipe. Compatible with Windows and Android devices. 1 year subscription free if ordered.

Living Cookbook 2015

This is an extremely good software for entering as much as recipes you want and its related notes, images and videos. It works as a calculator of nutritional benefits against each recipe. Planning meals, downloading recipes and sharing recipes with friends made easy. 30 Days trial available, then buy the full version.


Free Recipe App

This is a Recipe software for Mac computers, for adding your own recipes and it enables you to import recipes from the 11 most popular recipe websites available. It can create grocery list, plan the menus and makes browsing, e-mailing and printing your favourite recipes very easy. Recipe cards can be created for distributing in any parties too.

Computer Cuisine Deluxe 7.0

Through this powerful software you can create your own recipes and organize them by uploading. Import innumerable lip smacking recipes from various sources of the net. It is compatible with devices using Windows and Mac operating system, and also with iOS devices like ipads and iphones. Free demo version available and full version needs to be purchased.


It is a recipe management software and provides a very easy to use interface which can organize all the recipes and calculate its nutritional value. You can create high quality themes for each recipes and add notes and images corresponding to that. It is compatible with Mac operating system and all Apple devices.

Mac recipe app reviews consumer reports

What is Recipe Manager Software?

Mac Recipe App Reviews

Recipe manager software are used for storing a collection of recipes on a virtual platform which can be accessed through computers, laptops, tabs and even smartphones. This software are made to perform their task in a very smart way. Some very useful and unique features are instilled into them for performing according to our needs. Importing and exporting of recipes from various platforms are possible through this. For each recipe, its nutritional value can be analyzed for calculating a number of calories you are to consume from the food. This helps in creating a proper diet for each individual.

Meal planning and shopping list creation for ingredients can be auto created. Organizing the recipes and adding needed information through videos, images and notes are also the features which this software supports. It can calculate a number of ingredients you need for each recipe requested by you. It can create different themes for each recipe..

How to install Recipe Manager Software?

From the various Recipe manager software available in the market you will have to pick whichever suits your needs and supports your operating system for the device you use. The next step involves downloading the installation file into your system. After that run the file and follow the instructions available through the installation wizard. When it is done, start the program by clicking on its icon. When it starts, the interface will be there to guide as what is to be done next. Upload your recipes, import from various sites, add images and how to videos and save your valuable recipes as a part of your possession.

Benefits of Installing Recipe Manager Software

Recipe manager software plays a very important part in our day to day life. People who are interested in cooking or has cooking as their passion in life always would prefer to store their collection of recipes properly. Jotting down the recipes or getting printouts and making a spiral book file is ok. But needs tremendous care and space in keeping them. Even heavy recipe books are very difficult to handle and might get lost. For avoiding these problems, for proper organization of your recipes, this software come to rescue.

You can store millions of recipes of your choice, can plan your meals by assembling few recipes together and can share your culinary skills with every friends and family of yours by creating e-books as well. By getting this software you can have a recipe database anyone can be jealous of and which can be passed on to the generations to follow.

Free Windows Recipe Manager Software

BigOven is the best option available, if you are looking for free windows Recipe manager software. The features provided by this software includes, organizing the recipes, saving any recipe from the net, creating grocery lists, nutritional value analysis and creating meal plans and exporting recipes of your own on the internet.

Free Android Recipe Manager Software

My CookBook

My Cookbook is the best option for managing your prized recipes for your Android smartphones and tabs. The free cookbook software offers you features of storing numerous recipes, importing recipes of your own or through the internet and a single click search feature. This recipe manager app is free of any type of virus threat.

Free Mac Recipe Manager Software

Mac Recipe App Reviews Free

Recipe Manager for Mac is the best free Recipe manager software available in the market for Mac operating system. It is a simple basic software for entering all your recipes for planning your menu and planning the shopping for food items. This does not require installation, launch directly when download finishes.

Other good Recipe Manager Software Available

There are many other options for Recipe manager software available in the market. The names of such software are Shop’NCook, Pepperplate, Evernote Food, Side chef, Kitchen tories, Tender, Appetites, Paprika recipe manager for mac and Paprika recipe manager for PC. Paprika recipe manager free download available as trial also, Paprika recipe manager review is very good and it is recommended. All the other software mentioned are also very good as per experts and user reviews.

Most Popular Recipe Manager Software for 2016

Best Recipe Software For Macs

MasterCook has been considered as the best and most popular Recipe manager software for 2016, according to users and expert reviews. Over 8000 recipes come equipped with this software. Menu planning and shopping for food planning features are supported here and verbal instructions for cooking is also available. It makes the experience of being in the kitchen and cooking more worthy.

Iphone Recipe App

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