Just ordered a brand new laptop, luxurious gift, or any other precious item and can’t wait to put your hands on it? I can almost feel your excitement for the package. You wish you had downloaded a shipment tracking app on your device. Well, your wish is fulfilled! You can use some of the best shipment tracking apps for iPhone and iPad and keep your eyes on that precious item.

Whether for work or our shopping spree, parcels have become an integral part of our daily routine. It is an indescribable excitement receiving gift packages, but tracking them can be a laborious exercise. Thanks to these top shipment tracking iOS apps, your package is always under your surveillance. So, without further ado, let’s dive ahead to meet these shipment tracker apps!

Find out at the touch of a button thanks to Dashboard and Monkey Business Labs' Package Tracker widget. You can see at a glance the current status of your package, when it will be delivered,. Parcel has never failed to track packages from a variety of shippers from around the world. I receive many packages from Europe and the Far East as well as domestically within the U.S. & Canada and have always received accurate tracking info everytime a package is scanned. Highly recommend!

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#1. Deliveries: A Package Tracker

Deliveries is a feature-rich shipment tracking app. The main list displays the list of all the shipments and counts down the remaining days. If you want to have more information about any package, select the delivery and find out where it is currently on the map.

You also have the option to view the web page of the shipping company. To make things a bit easy, it also adds the estimated delivery dates to your calendar. The notification center widget lets you check the status of your packages instantly. It supports some services such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, US Postal Service and more.

Price: $4.99

#2. ParcelTrack

With ParcelTrack, you can keep a tab on your packages and shipments effortlessly. As it integrates your shipments with more than 50 delivery services, your task becomes more convenient. The push notifications help you remain updated on the delivery status.

The delivery forecast lets you find when your delivery is likely to be scheduled. Just enter a carrier number, and the app will automatically detect the delivery service number. Thanks to GPS, you can keep track of the delivery van (premium version). If your neighbor has received your package, the app can even tell you who has got it.

Price: Free (ParcelTrack Premium – $2.99)

#3. Parcel: Delivery Tracking

What makes “Parcel” a highly rated shipment tracking app for iOS is the ability to let you quickly access tracking information for 300 delivery services such as DHL, TNT, USPS, China Post, etc. It collects all the tracking data on its server to let you promptly access it on your iPhone.

The carrier automatic recognition features allow you to add a new delivery quickly. The Notification Center widget lets you check the expected shipments even without launching the app. You need to upgrade the app to track more than three deliveries in one go.

Price: Free (Premium Subscription – $2.99)

#4. 17TRACK

As for functionality, 17TRACK can easily be grouped with the best in the business. It’s the official app of the 17TRACK.net, which is one of the largest package tracking platform.

The shipment tracking app lets you track more than 220 carriers. You can keep a tab on multiple carriers and numbers at once. To help you remain up-to-date, it provides real-time alerts whenever the status of your delivery charges. The multiple languages interface and translation widget for several languages don’t let the language barrier come your way.

Price: Free (Donate – $0.99)

#5. Slice- Automatic Package Tracker

With a superior shopping assistant like Slice, tracking deliveries are very easy. It automatically gets the tracking number from your email and keeps a tab on the location of the package. As it shows updates on a map, you can quickly find out the status of your delivery.

The alerts let you know when your packages are being shipped. Slice organizes your purchases into different categories and keeps a record of your receipts for warranty redemptions, reference, and easy returns. It also informs you if the product has been recalled by CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission). Even better, the price drop alerts can help you save a lot of money.

Price: Free

#6. AfterShip Package Tracker

With the support of over 600+ Carriers, AfterShip iOS app can track all your online orders and shipments. What’s great is that the app offers free tracking and push notifications without any disturbance from ads.


A smart feature automatically detects the carrier with just the tracking ID, saving your precious time and energy. Moreover, you can check the live status and expected delivery dates with only one tap.

Price: Free

#7. OneTracker

As the name suggests, the app enables you to track packages from multiple carriers from just one page. With a fast and straightforward UI design, your shipments are tracked automatically. All you have to do is send the shipment mail to the special email ID generated by the app.

You can also manually add packages via a barcode scanner. The app also offers unlimited, free of charge, push notifications to keep you regularly updated. Available for multiple platforms, the app lets you save, sync, or track your parcels across your every device.

Price: Free

#8. TrackChecker- Parcel Delivery Tracking

TrackChecker, with the support of more than 500 delivery providers, is a powerful shipment tracking app. You can promptly find out the status of your delivery and check the several postal services at one go.

Simply add the photo of your parcel to get more information about your delivery. It calculates and highlights days on delivery to keep you updated about the shipment. The multilingual user interface adds more value to it.

Price: Free (Basic package – $0.99)

#9. My Package

My Package is pretty simple yet highly effective shipment tracking app. It enables you to track your shipment with the needed comfort and find out where it is.

You don’t need to sign up, share your email or even log in to get started. Just copy and paste the tracking number, and it will promptly show all the needed information about your delivery. Most importantly, you can track as many packages as you wish.

Price: Free (Remove Ads – $0.99)

#10. Expeditors Shipment Tracking

Expeditors offer fast-paced shipment tracking. You can quickly search your shipment by reference number, PO, and tracking number.

It also lets you calculate the dimensional weight of your shipment. The push notifications keep you up-to-date about the status of your delivery. The simple UI and neat design make it highly user-friendly.

Price: Free

That’s all for now!!

These are my favorite shipment tracking apps for iOS devices.What sets them apart is the ease of access and features that they offer. In case you feel we have missed any app, do tell us about your favorite app in the comment section below.

Here are some more interesting iOS apps to make your life simpler:

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If you love good productivity hacks when working on your Mac or Windows (that remain the most popular systems among users), then you need to enrich your experience with hassle-free time tracking.

Time tracking apps will not only make you more accountable and productive but create the ideal work environment by facilitating the completion of any project in time.

Here are the top features that are essential for a time tracker on your Mac or Windows as they guarantee to enhance your business productivity.

Automated real-time tracking: You need a time tracker that would let you calculate work hours in real-time so that you could launch a timer and focus on the project at hand without worrying about storing the important data related to your work hours.

Simple Invoicing: Creating invoices is an integral part of any stage of the project management process, and a smart time tracker can handle it effortlessly. It is of great importance that freelancers, contractors and employers had the means of issuing accurate invoices for transparency and accountability.

Diverse Integrations: The app needs to allow you to switch between programs you apply without feeling hectic about timekeeping.

Overall, an ideal time tracking tool on your Mac and Windows is supposed to activate that famous 'work smarter, not harder' mode that increases your productivity and translates into maximizing profits without much effort. A reliable time tracking tool on your Mac or Windows assists a user in accurate calculating the work time, detailed reporting, and prompt invoicing.

There are lots of time tracking apps that incorporate options of fully-fledged services for efficient time keeping on Mac and Windows. Among frequently mentioned time trackers for Mac and Windows, there are the following tools:

  • TMetric
  • Paymo
  • Clockify
  • BeeBole
  • actiTIME
  • timeEdition
  • Chrometa
  • Timelines
  • Hours
  • Timing
  • TSheets
    Let's dive in a bit deeper and analyze them in terms of their feature sets.


Automated time tracking👍

The accuracy of calculations brought TMetric recognition: users chose it as the high performing app of spring 2019 and the customer choice of summer 2019. It is an automatic timer that also has functions of marking break time and manual adding time on new tasks.

Time entries can be edited, which is a great benefit for facilitating the admin routine. The teams of up to 5 users can enjoy the benefits of accurate TMetric time tracking on a free plan and see the description of any project with a click.

Invoicing 👍

TMetric lets you log time for tasks and bill customers for the utilized time. You can create invoices directly from Projects.


TMetric integrates seamlessly with 45+ services and apps including ones for task and project management. Besides, there are options that let you generate flexible reports and export time-sheets in PDF and CSV for better team management. TMetric browser extension is available on Chrome and Firefox.

TMetric has the capacity of working in the offline mode, which means you can still track your time even in when there is no internet connection. Working on your tasks is not dependent on getting the instant online access. The data will be stored regardless of your status and once you are online again, you will get your time entries added to your work time.


Automated time tracking👍

This software incorporates options for noiseless time tracking, resource planning and instant reporting and managing projects from start to the end. The easy and efficient time tracking is ensured by automatic recording time on performing tasks and projects.

Invoicing 👍

You can easily track your expenses and create invoices online. The app is a helpful tool in ensuring that you and your team will not have to allocate time for checking on time entries for invoicing. The tracker assists in creating transparency by monitoring the project performance at all the stages.

Integrations 👍

You can get it both on Mac and Windows, and integrate with a big number of services including task management and corporate communication tools.


Automated time tracking👍

Its desktop versions for Mac and Windows are native apps that enable users tracking time from the desktop without having to open Clockify in a browser. The tool automatically logs the time utilized for each completed task.

Invoicing 👎

Online invoicing is not available but you and your team can easily process data by applying the project estimating and project budgeting options for further creating the invoices to bill your clients without hassle. For advanced functionality, you will need an upgrade.

Integrations 👍

It is compatible with 50+ apps: if you install the time tracker as a browser extension, you will get the access to easy-to-set integrating options.


Automated time tracking 👍

Intuitive and easy-to-use, BeeBole Timesheet allows you to track time for clients, projects, sub-projects and tasks using a one-click timer or manual time entry. For ultimate flexibility, timekeeping may be done daily, weekly or monthly. Managers have the option to implement time entries approval, and can enjoy the customizability of running and analyzing advanced KPI reports.

Invoicing 👍
By logging billable hours by tasks, projects or clients, you’ll be confident you’re able to generate the most accurate invoices. BeeBole Timesheet integrates seamlessly with software like Quickbooks and more.
Integrations 👍
BeeBole Timesheet is a cloud-based time tracking tool that can work without internet connection on both desktop and mobile. You can use its fully documented API to integrate it with your own application or service. It’s also compatible with Office 365 or Google Sheets using their free add-on .


Automated time tracking👍

It provides a diversity of options for users to track time including accurate tracking the work hours, marking time off, sick leaves and overall monitoring the employees' attendance. The small teams of up to 3 users can use a tool on free plan.

Invoicing 👍

Its wide functionality was recognized by Capterra in 2017. You can apply hourly billing for straightforward invoicing and getting paid in time.

Integrations 👍

It enables time tracking data integrations with some popular software applications like Quickbooks and actiPlans.


Automated time tracking👍

timeEdition is a lightweight time tracker available on macOS. It enables automatic calculations from the desktop version or on the mobile.

With enabling timeEdition, you can track projects in a click, which is ideal for multi-taskers.


Basing on the information of the detailed tracking, you can bill your clients. Applying the functionality of this tool, you can record project duration time for further customer billing. You can export thes a snap for your clients to pay you directly online.

Integrations 👍

It best integrates with billing solutions and practice management systems designed for attorneys' work. Integrations are created directly from the Chrometa Account


Automated time tracking👍

It is an app designed for IPhone. You can apply it for personal use to monitor how you utilize your time. It visualizes in graphs your time consumption so that you could make better choices for increasing your personal and business productivity.


Creating invoices is not supported by this app but users can export data to a PDF or CSV file. In addition, this app lets you create a timeline for projects or milestones.

Integrations 👎

It is intended to increase your personal productivity so developers focused on creating the system of Reminders and Alerts. Though the tool does not have an impressive list of outer integrations, it performs its main goal of tracking your personal time without fail.


Automated time tracking👍

You can secure tracking your work time from any Mac device: the software functionality enables keeping a running list of timers that requires just a click to switch. The data will be stored and visualized for further reporting without fail ensuring the precision of work time calculations.

Invoicing 👎

Hours specifications do not support invoicing or expense tracking options.

Integrations 👍

It is crafted as a tracker reconstructing your work day in a visual timeline. Besides, it is equipped with a system of smart reminders and reports on the utilized time. Its easy to use interface lets learn the navigation without requiring any extra efforts. You can edit the visual timeline to see the bottlenecks in your work routine. The data syncs across multiple devices including Apple Watch and Hours Web. For starting/stopping timers you can use Siri.


Automated time tracking👍

It provides detailed recording of your Mac activity with the additional benefit of storing and processing data for further reporting, which makes a positive impact on your productivity and lets you focus on the task at hand instead of taking efforts on timekeeping.

Invoicing 👍

Though direct online invoicing is not available on this app but there is a plug-in for automatic import of tracked hours as billable through GrandTotal invoicing app. Provided you are on the Expert edition of Timing, all your Timing tasks will automatically show up in GrandTotal.

Integrations 👍

Timing integrations with the invoicing app and calendars enable prompt billing and invoicing as well as instant assigning any calendar event (to schedule the meeting, to bill hours, to invoice, etc.).


Automated time tracking👍

It functions both for Mac and Windows users. The option of clocking in and out is available either you work from a computer or a phone. Admins have permissions for approval the cloud-based timesheets and sync work time for further processing by accountant department.

Invoicing 👍

Since TSheets is a native Quickbooks time tracker, apparently it is designed for the prompt hassle-free billing and invoicing your clients. It is a reliable assistant in streamlining the payroll process as well.


It is a time tracking application that works on Mac and Windows platforms. It automatically tracks and retrieves data on work hours provides analytics to show where improvements can be made so teams stay productive. It intertwines with diverse apps available on the marketplace under the category of project and task management.

Final Thoughts

Growing popularity of flexible, self-managed work environment allows the participants of the work process reach a new level of business productivity and achieve better work-life balance. Hence, we can observe the growing demand for apps delivering work through applications that easily integrate in apps complex systems and ensure wide functionality within project management.
Most of us measure the working day applying the Mac or Windows based devices that we use on everyday basis: the time trackers we recommend for Mac and Windows users in this post will ensure that you make no mistakes when it comes to calculation of the work hours.