The iPhone flashcard app BRAINYOO 2.0 for iOS is an addition to BRAINYOO 2.0 for Mac and PC. BRAINYOO is a flashcard software and helps users to create learning content and transfer it into long-term memory by different query modes.
The flashcard app BRAINYOO enables you to learn location-independently and synchronizes the learning content with your BRAINYOO desktop version for PC and Mac. Mobile BRAINYOO was developed for active learning only. The organising, creating and editing of flashcards is handled in the BRAINYOO PC/Mac version ( The achieved learning status can be synchronized with the desktop version, too. It is possible to create multiple choice and open questions.
With Mobile BRAINYOO, there are the learning methods long-term and random mode as well as a test mode available.
1.Long-term mode (so-called spaced-retrieval method)
BRAINYOO allows you to learn with the popular spaced-retrieval method. In this mode, the program presents the cards in increasing periods of time. The longer you learn, the less time you spend with each card until you have it memorized. This mode is especially good to train your long-time memory.
2.Random mode
In this mode the cards are distributed not based on time periods but on probabilities. You can assign a percentage chance to each of the six virtual compartments and the cards appear according to this formula.
3.Exam mode
BRAINYOO also offers the option to review certain lessons without the usual process of repeating the flashcards. This mode is particularly well suited to learning before exams and tests. The good thing is you can change between the time-based and the lesson-based method anytime you like. Your progress in long-term memory mode will be saved and after the exam you can continue with your usual schedule.
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