The Outline app looks like a possible solution, but it seems to be a clone of OneNote. Since I already have OneNote on multiple platforms (Mac, iPhone, iPad, and originally on PC), I don't see the benefit of adding another program to the mix.

Outline is totally compatible with OneNote. The App combines the strongest aspects of OneNote and adds additional features – making Outline one of the best OneNote alternatives. A definite advantage is clarity: Just like OneNote, you can collect your notes in different books, which in turn can then be organized into as many tabs as required. Under these, you can create an unlimited amount of. OneNote's notebooks let you keep related notes together, a feature we love in Evernote but is conspicuously absent from Apple's Notes app. You can then add pages to each notebook, further.

I have to work in both the Mac and Windows worlds. OneNote seemed like a good choice for general note taking and projects. Evernote has gotten too expensive and I prefer to buy software outright rather than having to subscribe.

Mac App Similar To Onenote


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Can anyone recommend a decent program under $200 that will function similarly to OneNote, on both Mac and Windows, but that DOESN'T require me to save in the cloud like OneNote does (OneNote Windows can save locally, but the Mac version only saves to the Microsoft Cloud).

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