When app launcher proved to be a big hit on iOS, Apple introduced “Launchpad”–the iOS-style app launcher—with OS X Lion. And guess what, most folks (including me) found the new add-on pretty adorable. To make the most of this neat feature, I ensure that Launchpad is added to my Mac Dock.

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Best Dock App for Windows 10 Overall: NexusDock. NexusDock is by far the best dock app you can. App organisation in Launchpad is the same as the iPad. You can only move one app at a time, if you drop an app on a full page, it will offset all the icons on the pages to the right. As the total of apps could be very important, as all bundles are automatically added by the app, you have to drag each app icon, one after the other, and scroll.

So, whenever I want to navigate through all the installed apps to spot the unwanted ones or quickly jump onto specific ones, I don’t have to hop around. If you don’t use Launchpad much or want to include it in the Dock, let me help you get started!

On a Mac, you can find it inside Launchpad. Either right-click and choose Pin to Taskbar (Microsoft machines) or drag the icon to the dock (Apple machines) to make the App Launcher a permanent part. Mac OS X's built-in Dock is what most people think of when they hear about application docks. It's smooth, attractive, and easy to use. Application shortcuts are docked on the left, minimized.

The classic Mac OS does have a dock-like application called Launcher, which was first introduced with Macintosh Performa models in 1993 and later included as part of System 7.5.1. It performs the same basic function.

Launchpad Missing from Dock: How to Show Launchpad in Mac Dock

Step #1. Launch Finder on your Mac.

Step #2. Now, click on Applications.

Step #3. Next, drag Launchpad and drop it on the Dock.

That’s all there is to it!

Going forward, whenever you want to navigate through apps or instantly access a specific one, click on the Launchpad icon. Now, you can view all of your apps on the screen.

How to Remove Launchpad from Mac Dock

At any time you don’t want to show the Launchpad in the Dock, you can easily remove it from there.

Step #1.Right click on the Launchpad.

Step #2. Now, click on OptionsRemove from Dock.

That’s it!


Wrapping up:

Mac Dock Download

Now that you know how to get the most out of this well thought out feature, use it to ramp up your productivity or boost experience. And yes, don’t fail to let us know your valuable thoughts about it.


Besides, if you find any other iOS feature worth bringing on the macOS, do tell us about that as well.

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