If the download fails or you want to do it manually, follow these steps to add the Zoom app to your Mac. Open the Zoom Download Center in your preferred internet browser. Adding Store Apps Once you are ready to add your apps, navigate to Systems Manager Manage Apps and select 'Add new' at the top right of the page, and iOS/macOS app store, or Android Play Store app. Search for your application, and click the app entry found to enter the app configuration page.

Comodo root used for Sectigo / Comodo CA range of products.
It can be imported from here:http://www.tbs-x509.com/AddTrustExternalCARoot.crt or use the text version here under.
Its CRL is available here: http://crl.comodoca.com/AddTrustExternalCARoot.crl
Valid until May 30 10:48:38 2020 GMT
Length: 2048-bit

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Keeping using old browsers:

You may need to maintain the compatibility of your certificate with old versions of clients/OS that cannot be updated (Internet Explorer 6 under Microsoft XP SP1 for example).
It is then possible to replace this root by the following chain (meaning deactivate this root on your server to install manually the following chain):

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  • Intermediate certificate: AddTrust External CA Root - UTN SGC

  • Root certificate: AddTrust External CA Root - UTN Server

This old certification chain can pose problems with old systems (Citrix, routers...). Make sure your system works properly with this certification chain.

sha1 / sha2 intermediate:

This root certificate, signed with SHA1 hash algorithm, will be used as an intermediate for SHA1-signed certificates.
For example: COMODO High-Assurance Secure Server CA
For SHA256 Comodo certificates using a SHA256-signed certification chain, you'll have to install a new certification chain provided on your certificate status page. Follow the installation procedure here:

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