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Download LG Screen Manager (LG Monitor) for macOS 10.11 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎LG Screen Manager is an application that provide monitor software update feature. LG Screen Manager displays all connected LG monitor information.

Screen Manager Version 2.31 Worse

First off, let me point out that the previous failure to actually check for a firmware update which was accessing a broken/closed URL is still present in 2.31. The app doesn't really check for a new version against any database to verify your currently installed version versus what they have available for the monitor. Not that it would matter, because customer support isn't even aware of what the existing version is and that at least two firmware updates have been released since the debut of the monitor.The new problems with this app is that LG removed the Split Screen feature in the app. Thanks, LG for crippling the product even more since you've advertised this to be specifically developed to be fully compatible with Mac computers. /sThe second problem is that, even though the app never checks a valid URL for a firmware update, the app has now been coded by the developers to always create a directory whenever you open the app or have it check for an update. Another, big thanks for nothing to a company that had no intention of fully supporting these products.BTW, I guess LG is never going to enable the Ambient Light Sensor which they advertised it supported automatically adjusting brightness to room light conditions. Nope! This has been disabled since the product was released.

Lg Monitor Mac App Download