Download the latest version of Apple Samsung Printer Drivers for Mac - For OS X 10.6 through OS X 10.9. Read 5 user reviews of Apple Samsung Printer Drivers on MacUpdate. Tested and verified g-codes for laser cutting/laser engraving. GRBL controller. GRBL control software Easy software to test your machine. Most machines support GRBL. Can try to move your laser and turn on / off. Inkscape (latest version) InkScape Very useful software to make, convert images into a vector and then g-code. Use our plugins for that. Wei & Sunny is raising funds for Laser Cube 2.0 + EasyGcode Software for All Laser Machines on Kickstarter! Improved level laser cutter/engraver with supper easy Gcode software bring you more delightful experience.

The only phone app
that you will ever need

SIP-based softphone for iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows

Your personal communications center in one seamless app

MacThe only VoIP softphone designed
for drag and drop use

Meet the next IP phone

Our vision - your tablet is a smart desktop phone

Into the future with Microsoft

Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10

The ideal VoIP app for Mac

Compatible with macOS Sierra and High SierraLaser app for mac windows 10

Control the last mile of your VoIP services

We’ve designed the app and its accompanying cloud resources to simplify the configuration, management and secure deployment of your VoIP services to end-users, regardless of their location or device type.

One SIP line can now service multiple devices

Our dedicated global proxy network is designed to deliver your incoming VoIP calls seamlessly across all users’ devices simultaneously, including desktop and mobile apps by enabling push notification functionality.

Voice quality matters

Our intelligent network is constantly monitoring data and making decisions in real time to automatically adjust settings, find the shortest call routes, and utilize the power of cloud transcoding to optimize your call quality.

Desktop, mobile and tablets

We made™ available for multiple operating system platforms including iOS, Android and Windows, allowing you to standardize on this app wherever you go.


Laser App For Mac Windows 10


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Operating Systems
Tablets and Computers

Phones, Tablets, and Computers
Price $120.00$120.00
One-time payment
License Duration Lifetime
License Limits 1 Computer at a time 1 device at a time
+$40 per additional device
Internet Required
Internet connection required for use
No Yes
Free Support
Phone, email, online
Free Updates
Network multiple devices together for multi-directional and multi-room shooting!
Online Training Depot
Guided practice with clear goals, rewards, and coaching for a variety of different drills.
LASR Community
Use ANY Laser Device
Any color, any manufacturer
Use ANY Targets
Printouts, lightswitches, pictureframes, targets from the range, anything you want!
ANY Webcam or Built-in Cam
External webcams are always recommended
Easy to Use
Easy to learn with built-in instructions
Automatic target recognition and selection
Hit/Miss feedback
Complex target shapes and near-miss audio and visual feedback
Zoom and Pan
Zoom in and pan around for the best veiw of your targets
Shot Timer
Fully Featured and Fully integrated
Remote Controls
Designate remote control targets to restart the drill and more
Save and Load Presets
Your settings and setups are saved and restored automatically
Multiple Targets
Up to 20 target zones
Rapid Shooting
Keeps up with resetting trigger devices
Visual and Audio Settings
From start signals to shot tones, customize to your liking
Shot Diagnostics
Map out movement during the shot to show issues with trigger control
Detailed Diagnostic Graphing
Get more insight on what happened before, during, and after the shot
Multiple Shooters
Up to 20 different shooters can shoot simultaneously
Using One Computer
Reload Mode
Have the software call for reloads and/or malfunction drills
Call Targets
Randomly call out different targets to shoot, you can even customize the names
Save and Review
Save your history to spot areas that need improvment
Infrared Compatible
Use with non-visible infrared laser devices
With LASR Classic Advanced Camera
With a LASR Advanced Camera
Wide-Angle and Optical Zoom
Interchangeable Camera Lenses
Recoil Compatible
Use with recoil-enabled training devices
Complex Accuracy feedback
USPSA, Bullseyes and more
With Target Templates Plugin
With Templates and Scoring Plugin
Automatic Scoring
Points, penalties, hit factor and more
With Target Scoring Plugin
Record the Shooter
Use a second camera for replay-style feedback on your shooting
With Shooter Watch Plugin
Instant replay of your performance for analysis
With Shooter Watch Plugin