This page describes how to play multiple instances of VLC media player.Other 'how to' pages

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In version 0.8.5 it was easy to have multiple instances of VLC playing each with its unique stream of data.

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In versions 2.1.x and 3.x.x playing multiple VLC instances and different streams in each is as easy as clickingTools → Preferences... (or just pressCtrl+P):

after unticking the two checkboxes it should look like this,then click on save
  • in the Interface tab scroll down to playlist and instances
  • untick checkboxAllow only one instance
  • untick checkboxuse only one instance when started from file manager
  • PressSave.
This allows users to use more than one VLC player at a time. Once you've done the above you should be able to play as many VLC instances and video or audio files as you like.


On the Mac, running multiple instances of VLC is not supported out of the box.

As a workaround, you can create a Droplet/App that does the following:

  • launch the VLC droplet/app to get a separate instance of VLC,
  • drop one or more files onto VLC droplet/app, or
  • associate your .mov, .avi, and other files directly with the VLC droplet/app, allowing you to simply click on the files to launch the files in a new standalone VLC session.

Paste the code below into a new AppleScript Editor script and save it as an application.

File Association with the Droplet/App can be done as follows:

  1. OpenFinder and find the video file of interest
  2. Right click on the file (assumes you have right click enabled)
  3. Choose Get Info
  4. Under Open with:, click dropdown and select the VLC droplet/app
  5. ClickChange All button
  6. If prompted 'are you sure', select 'Yes'.


Use the option --no-one-instance.

On *nix systems you can create background jobs:

On Windows systems you might use START:

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You can transfer videos from multiple phones to different iVCam instances on the same PC.
To do this, you need to install multiple instances (drivers) on your PC first.


First, please make sure that you’ve already installed the latest verion of iVCam.
Then find the driver_install.bat file in the iVCam installation folder (for example: C:Program Filese2eSoftiVCam) and run it, adding an iVCam driver each time you run it.

If the execution of this file failed with some errors, you can also enter the iVCam installation folder at a Command Prompt running with administrator privileges, and run the following command to install the driver:

devcon install driveriVCam.inf iVCamDevice

Run it twice and you will have 3 iVCam drivers (including the default one). You can see them in system Device Manager application.


If there’s only one instance, the camera name will be “e2eSoft iVCam“, the microphone name will be “Microphone (e2eSoft iVCam)” , and you can only run one iVCam application;

If there’re more, the camera name will be “e2eSoft iVCam #1“, “e2eSoft iVCam #2“, etc., and the microphone name will be “Microphone #1 (e2eSoft iVCam)“, “Microphone #2 (e2eSoft iVCam)“, etc., You can run more instances of the iVCam application.


To uninstall an iVCam driver (instance), locate the iVCam device in the “Imaging devices” group in system Device Manager and right click on it to uninstall the driver, be careful not to uninstall all of them.


Run our app on the phone, it will detect these running instances, select which one to use and the app will transfer the video to the selected instance.


Install Multiple Apps At Once Mac Catalina

Selecting “Hardware decoding” in the PC client software (if supported by your PC) can greatly reduce CPU usage to support the running of more instances.