1. Adobe Creative Cloud On Mac


Once you’ve signed up for Creative Cloud, the first thing you need to do is install the Creative Cloud Desktop application on your computer. This video covers installation on a Mac computer. Once the Adobe Creative Cloud app is installed, an Adobe icon will appear on your desktop (or Applications folder on a Mac). Double-click the icon to open it. Enter your WVU email address and press the Tab key on your keyboard. I recently upgraded from CS6 to CC. First round of installs no problem. A week later there were a few updates including the CC Destop App and this is where the fun begins. I installed the updates and immediately after I noticed it was only showing I had 3 apps installed when I have several. Creative Cloud Desktop Won't Install Issues on Mac OS X 10.8.4. Creative Cloud desktop failed to install. Then install the adobe cloud and re-install my apps.

Adobe Creative Cloud On Mac

  1. Go to adobe.com and sign in following these instructions.
  1. Select Desktop Downloads.
  1. Scroll down to locate Creative Cloud and select Download.
  1. Enter the required information and select Continue.
  1. Double-click Creative Cloud Installer.
  1. Select Open.
  1. Wait while Adobe Installer downloads the necessary files and installs them to your Mac.
  1. If prompted, log in with your [email protected] and password.
  1. You have successfully installed the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App, which will allow you to install the Creative Cloud applications.

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