The good news: You will end up with a folder of.insp and.insv files. And the.insp files open find in the studio app. The bad news (at least for now): when I tried to open the.insv files in the Mac Insta360 Studio 2019 app, they don't open. The log file says different things as I try to open various files, ie. I'm looking for a 360 camera. I'll mainly use it for motovlogging. I'm not sure if I should go for the GoPro Max or the new Insta360 One X2. Both have a great quality, which one have better battery and better stitching and Insta360 app looks way easier to use. What's your thoughts?

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It’s finally here! We’ve released an all-new super app, called simply “Insta360”. The new app will let Insta360 ONE X and Insta360 ONE R creators take advantage of more of our latest and greatest features. And this is only the start—big things are planned for this app in the future.

With an integrated app, ONE X users will be able to enjoy more new app features, updates and optimizations quicker than before.

Insta 360 app for windows

The new app is available for both iOS users and Android users, with the same features available in both versions. By integrating the ONE X and ONE R apps, we’ll be able to deliver updates across iOS and Android operating systems easier and faster.

ONE R and ONE X users can download the app now in the App Store (version 1.3.2) or Google Play Store (version 1.3.7). The previous Insta360 ONE R app has been renamed Insta360 in the store.

Top 7 editing features in the Insta360 App for ONE X users

Here are some of the most exciting features in the Insta360 App that ONE X users can now enjoy:

1. Deep Track

The app’s AI powered tracking algorithm will keep your target locked in center-frame. To use Deep Track, tap and long press on your target to start tracking. It’ll stay locked on even if your subject goes behind an obstacle. It’s AI magic.

2. Freeze Frame

Freeze Frames will blow you away. Uber slow-mo or totally frozen segments of your video that you can reframe. Just head to the Speed tab to access it.

Insta 360 One X App Mac

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Insta 360 Download To Pc

3. Jump Cut

Use ‘Jump Cut’ to cut several parts of your timeline and stitch them together in the Trim tab. Your selected clips will become one complete video automatically.

4. No-Download Editing

No need to download your footage first to your phone before editing your footage! Just connect your ONE X or ONE R to your phone and edit your footage directly. It’s faster and saves you storage space on your phone. You can also now resume broken downloads when you need to download files to your local album.

5. Improved MultiView

MultiView now automatically identifies the shooter, so you don’t need to manually adjust the angle. This update also brings a new split-screen effect for both ONE X and ONE R users so that you can easily shoot and show the BTS of your shot at once.

Insta 360 One R App

6. Histogram Display

While shooting you can now bring up a live histogram to check the exposure of your shot. You can use this to get a better shot in real time without having to correct it in post.

7. Shot Lab

Shot Lab is a hub of creative templates powered by AI. Both Android and iOS ONE X users can try out the Bullet Time Mix, Spin View and Roll Planet templates now.

What’s new with this version

Insta 360 Studio Software

The Insta360 App also brings some new updates compared to the previous Insta360 ONE R app version:

  • You can now adjust the keyframe position after setting them on 360 clips
  • You can now try out a newsplit-screen effect in MultiView
  • File sizes and app storage has been optimized, so the app takes up less space on your phone
  • ColorPlus has been improved to enhance the details of dark parts of photos and videos

How to start using the new Insta360 app

From now on, app updates for ONE X will be delivered exclusively via the new app, so you’re recommended to make the switch as soon as possible.

Before you do though, there are some important things to note. Any photos or videos you currently have saved in your ONE X app album will be automatically transferred to the new app. But make sure to finish and export all in-progress edits before migrating to the new app! Any in-progress edits will not be transferred to the new app and will be deleted after your content has been migrated. Export your Stories too, as saved Stories will not be transferred.

When you’re ready to migrate your content, download the new Insta360 app and the ONE X app update (iOS v2.1.2 and Android v1.7.9). Then return back to the ONE X app, open the app album and follow the steps to migrate.

You can keep your ONE X app around for a few things like gyro calibration, stitching correction and connecting to your Bluetooth remote. But for everything else, the Insta360 App can do it and more!

Download the new app now in the App Store, Google Play Store or from our official website.

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Insta360 Studio 2019 has been updated to add most of the November 2019 features added to the Insta360 One X mobile app:

Color Plus: this is a tonemapping effect that you can apply to videos. It makes the dynamic range appear greater. It also increases the vividness of the colors. Please note that the effect will be visible only after rendering. Note also that Color Plus works only with freecapture non360 videos. It does not work on 360 videos, VR180 videos, or photos.

Remove grain: removes grain (video noise) from videos. This effect can be used in 360 videos as well as freecapture non360 videos. Note that if you use Color Plus, it applies Remove Grain automatically.

True Audio: this feature improves audio quality tremendously by using AI to identify your voice and enhance it, while reducing background noise. True Audio can be very effective, especially for wind noise. There are two modes: vocal enhancement and background noise removal. Depending on your audio, one mode may work better than the other.

Thumbnails: thumbnails are back for all Insta360 files! Now all Insta360 files will have thumbnails in Windows Explorer. This makes it easier to tell if it’s 360 or VR180. This feature was added in a previous version of Studio but mysteriously disappeared, and I’m so relieved that it’s been restored.

These features can be used for any Insta360 consumer camera, including the Insta360 One X, EVO, Go, and Nano S. However, please note that Color Plus only works in Freecapture non360 videos, which can only be used for 360 videos.

Issues that have not yet been resolved:

Multi-edit: the November 2019 update added multi-edit to the One X app to enable you to combine multiple videos. However, Insta360 Studio does not yet have such multi-video editing capabilities.

Chronological order: the One X names the files using a date and timestamp. The problem is that whenever you remove the battery, the date and time reset to 2017. This causes files to be listed out of order. I asked them to list the files according to the suffix instead.

360 photos: it would be nice if the Color Plus effect could also be used for photos.

Insta360 Studio thumbnails. I requested Insta360 to add thumbnails in Studio itself to make it easier to find files.

GoPro FX Reframe incompatibility. GoPro FX Reframe works very well but is incompatible with Insta360 plugin for Premiere. You can use one or the other but not both simultaneously. To be fair, you can’t blame Insta360, because it could just as easily be an issue with GoPro’s plugin.