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A Technical Support Incident (TSI) is a request for code-level support for Apple frameworks, APIs, and tools, and is available to members of the Apple Developer Program, Apple Developer Enterprise Program, and MFi Program. Submit a TSI if you cannot fix a bug, have trouble implementing a specific technology, or have other questions about your code. Your incident will be assigned to a Developer Technical Support engineer who can help troubleshoot your code or investigate possible workarounds to fast-track your development. Support is provided in English via email, typically within three business days.

Before You Submit a TSI

Be sure to review the following documentation for all Apple platforms or see if the issue you’re experiencing has been discussed and resolved on the Apple Developer Forums.

How to Submit a TSI

Apple Developer Program and Apple DeveloperEnterprise Program members can submit a TSI in the Code-level Support section in their account. MFi Program members can use the MFi Program Technical Support Incident form.

Before submitting a TSI, make sure to do the following:

  • Run Build and Analyze in Xcode and resolve any outstanding analyzer results, if possible.
  • Review Technical Note 2431: App Testing Guide for tips on reproducing bugs you or your customers are experiencing.
  • Attach and symbolicate any crash logs that you have in regards to your question. (Read how to acquire and symbolicate crash logs in Technical Note 2151: Understanding and Analyzing iOS Application Crash Reports.)
  • Attach any console output containing errors or exceptions when building or running your app.
  • Abstract the issue into a sample Xcode project, if possible. This includes forming abstracted classes and resources into a sample Xcode project.
  • Provide clear and concise steps to reproduce the issue, if applicable.

When submitting a TSI, follow these guidelines.

  • Submit only one support issue (a single, discrete problem) per request.
  • Provide a clear and detailed description with as much information as possible. Include steps you’ve taken to solve the problem and conditions we should consider (such as failing on specific hardware or OS version).
  • Submit your question in English and avoid the use of acronyms, jargon, and non-standard abbreviations.

Include the following items as applicable when you submit your request, or in a reply once you receive a follow-up number from Developer Technical Support.

  • Symbolicated crash logs (for crashes/bugs) Learn more
  • App Review rejection letter (and any associated attachments), if applicable
  • Screenshots (showing error messages)
  • Sample Xcode project or source code
  • Console output (containing errors or exceptions)
  • Configuration/System Profiler file

Receiving and Managing TSIs

  • Apple Developer Program and Apple Developer Enterprise Program
    Included with each enrollment are two Technical Support Incidents, which will expire at the end of your membership year. You will receive two new TSIs when you renew your membership. Additional TSIs are available for purchase in either a 2-pack for $99 USD or 5-Pack for $249 USD in the Code-level Support section in your account. TSIs purchased separately expire one year from the date of activation.
  • MFi Program
    Included with each enrollment are eight Technical Support Incidents per membership year.

View your available TSIs, their expiration dates, and your request history in the Code-level Support section in your account. Your TSIs are grouped by expiration date, and the ones that expire soonest will be used first. Please note that TSI management in your account is not available for MFi Program members.

Can I submit a TSI to get help with Apple beta software?

Developer Technical Support (DTS) can help with publicly available (GM) tools, APIs and frameworks, and the Universal App Quick Start Program. For other prerelease support, please start by filing feedback via Feedback Assistant. You can also post questions and find answers in the Apple Developer Forums.

Where can I get IT department-level support?

If you’re deploying macOS, macOS Server, or iOS devices in your organization, AppleCare can provide integrated expert support. Learn more about AppleCare Professional Support.

Where can I get customer support for Apple products or software?

Https Www.apple.com Support Mac-apps Mail Inbox


Https Www.apple.com Support Mac-apps Mail Login

If you’ve purchased Apple products or software and are experiencing non-development issues, you can get software updates and utilities, technical support, and product information on the Apple Support Site.