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Everybody's favorite file-sharing and storage service, Dropbox, has made a few controversial changes as of late. As noticed by Ars Technica, earlier today the company began silently forcing its users to update to a new version of Dropbox, which includes a significantly reworked interface.

Dropbox's desktop presence used to be fairly simple: you had a Dropbox folder on your machine that you could add files to at will, and periodically, the folder would sync with your personal cloud storage account. This allowed you to easily move files between machines, or give your friends, family, or colleagues access to select portions of your data. The 'new' Dropbox desktop experience is a dedicated app, which many users are understandably criticizing for being a bit overkill.

The Dropbox desktop application is available for Linux, macOS, and Windows operating systems. ( Visit this article instead if you are running Windows 10 in S mode ). Once installed, you’ll have the Dropbox desktop app, a Dropbox icon in your system tray/menu bar, and a Dropbox folder on your computer. Any changes you make to the Dropbox application are automatically synced to your account on Click the blue Download Dropbox button. This will download the setup file for the Dropbox desktop app to your computer. If you're using Windows, you'll be asked to choose a download location in a new pop-up window. If you're on a Mac, your download will automatically be saved to your computer's Downloads folder. How to install the Dropbox application. After you set up your Dropbox account, navigate on your hard drive where the downloaded Dropbox application resides and follow these steps: In Windows, click to Run the installer. On a Mac, drag the Dropbox application to your Applications folder.

After all, as Ars notes, how many people really need (or want) an entire file manager for a single folder on their device? Based on the response this controversial change received, it's probably safe to say 'not many.'

It is worth noting that this new Dropbox app has been around for a while, but only in the form of a specific Early Access download. You needed to explicitly consent to download the new desktop app prior to today, but now, Dropbox has been pushing the update out to users without notice or consent.

Worse, on macOS, the new Dropbox app continuously implants a dedicated icon into user Docks. According to Dropbox, it 'currently [isn't] possible' to permanently remove this icon.

Dropbox For Mac App

All in all, this situation has been quite a mess -- however, it appears there may be an explanation for all of these surprise changes. Dropbox's Support Twitter account recently claimed the 'new desktop app experience' had been 'accidentally' installed on user machines.

We recently announced a new desktop app experience that is now available in Early Access. Due to an error, some users were accidentally exposed to the new app for a short period. We're currently working to revert this change. We apologize for any inconvenience.

— Dropbox Support (@DropboxSupport) July 18, 2019Dropbox desktop app mac

Whether that's true or merely an attempt to backpedal in light of all the backlash is impossible to say. However, Dropbox promised to revert the change as soon as possible, and they apologized for the 'inconvenience.' As of writing, the company has kept its word.

The Support account now says 'The issue with the Dropbox desktop app has been resolved, though there might be a short lag for some users to see resolution.' If you were one of the users who had the new Dropbox app forcibly installed on your device, let us know in the comments if the issue has been fixed for you.

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Some years ago, the computer geeks were too much involved in developing various tricks to efficiently use the computer. Now, things are changing rapidly and people want to get access to their remote computer on the go. While numbers of remote desktop applications are available to control your remote computer, you could shut down computer from mobile using Dropbox (a simple but useful cloud computing app). But what if you want to monitor your desktop remotely?
consider the following situations while you might wanted to monitor the remote desktop rather than accessing (by remote desktop connection) it.
1. You are at office and want to know if someone is using your computer. If so, then what are they doing at your PC?
2. You have your kids at your home and want to regularly track their activities at the computer while you are not with them.
3. Your office computer is at an open place and you want to know whether any one gets into your compute when you are out of office.
4. You have left your computer before you completed your task (any download or installation process) and want to see the status from a remote computer.
Here we’ll take a look on monitoring a remote desktop, not about accessing it remotely.

Monitor remote desktop (or laptop) using Dropbox

Download Dropbox Desktop App

A few months ago, we developed a script to shut down PC using Dropbox. Now it is also possible to monitor your remote computer through Dropbox. The exact mechanism behind this is nothing but taking the snapshots of the remote computer’s screen in a regular interval and saving them at the local Dropbox folder. Thus the screenshots are automatically synched with your Dropbox at the cloud and you can view them from any computer, any where.
This is like a sequel of the screen shots of your desktop and you can view it from any computer or mobile phone.
Well, now let’s go into the technical part of this tutorial. All you need is a tiny screen capture app AutoScreenCap. This tool allows you to set the interval of taking the snapshot of your desktop as well as the location of the saved image files.
So, to monitor a remote desktop run AutoScreenCap tool at the remote computer and set it as follows:
1. Set the interval to 5 (seconds).
2. Set the location of the saved images to your local Dropbox folder.
3. You can Optionally set the image quality to save the space at your Dropbox as better quality means a bigger size.
That’s it. Now the tool will take the screen shots of your desktop successively and save them at you local Dropbox folder. If that computer is connected with internet and the Dropbox app is running at that, the images will be automatically synced at your Dropbox web respiratory. You can then monitor that remote desktop from any computer or mobile phone connected via internet.
Tip: Remotely Control Any Computer.