Use the above steps to create the website icon on Mac’s Desktop (not Dock). Then right-click on the website shortcut and follow these simple steps to change the image. Once you are done, just drag the website shortcut from Desktop to the Dock. Some Interesting Related Posts For You: Get Apps to Launch Automatically at System Startup on Mac. Though you can shuffle the position of app shortcuts in the Dock, you can't move the Finder or Trash — they live on opposite ends of the Dock, respectively — nor can you mix file shortcuts with apps in the same section. How to add apps to the Dock on your Mac. Launch a Finder window from your Dock. Click on Applications in the sidebar. Dock Dodger is a free drag-and-drop tool that can hide certain apps from the Dock even when they're running (once placed on the tool's droplet, you have to restart the app in question to hide it. The reason is that you can access some of your applications in the dock and some inside the MAC folder. Same applications may be contained in the dock or inside the application folder. It is up to you to organize all the applications and documents in an appropriate manner.

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When I started playing around with the dock I realized that I cannot customize the dock. Whenever I try to drag anything the app just moves back to its previous place. While trying to find a solution to this I also discovered that my iPad doesn’t let me go into edit mode, I.e. when I hold an app it doesn't jiggle.

I've already tried some suggestions on other threads-resetting the device, checking to see if restriction mode is enabled, doing a forced reset-none of this worked for either problem.

Adding To Dock On Mac

Can anyone help me?

iPad Mini Wi-Fi, iOS 11.2.1


How To Put App Folder On Dock Mac

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