1. Google Play Store On Mac

The Google Play store provides users with access to download many types of applications, or apps, and games to download and play on their computer, smartphone, tablet, or Chromebook. Some of the apps and games are free to download, while others cost a small fee.

Select Downloads, then select googlechrome.dmg from the list. Drag Google Chrome to the Applications shortcut. Once Chrome has finished copying, drag the mounted installer disk image for Chrome from your Desktop to the Trash to unmount it. The Google Play Store is one biggest and most important parts of Android. It's the central hub for all app and game content as well as off-shoots for ebooks, movies, TV shows, and music. Download apps and games from the Google Play Store within BlueStacks, and you can use built-in default controls provided by BlueStacks or customize them if you prefer. Several options are listed.

Download from Google Play for computer

To download an app or game from the Google Play store for a computer, follow the steps below.


On a computer, Google Play is only accessible using an Internet browser. You cannot download Google Play to a computer.

  1. Access the Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store
  2. On the left side of the Play store homepage, click the Apps option.
  3. In the navigation bar near the top of the Apps page, click the Categories drop-down list.
  4. Select the type or genre of app or game you want to find.
  1. The page shows a refined list of apps or games, based on the type or genre you selected. Find the app or game you want to download and click the icon or its name.

You can also search for an app or game using the Search text box at the top of the page.

  1. On the app or game page, click the green Install button.
  2. Follow any additional steps and respond to any prompts that appear to download the install the app or game on your computer.

Some apps and games on the Google Play store are not compatible with Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS. If an app or game is compatible with your computer, you will see a message stating 'This app is compatible with your device' on the app or game page.

If you want to install and use an app that is not compatible with your computer, you need an emulator to download and install it. There are many emulators that serve this purpose. The most trusted and reliable emulator is Bluestacks.

Once you download an emulator, you can log in with your existing Google account, and then download and use Android apps similar to the experience on an Android device or Chromebook.

Download from Google Play for smartphone or tablet

To download an app or game from the Google Play store for a smartphone or tablet, follow the steps below.

If you're using an Android smartphone or tablet, you can use the Google Play app to find and download apps and games using the steps above.

iPhone and iPad users can download the Google Play app from the Apple App store, then follow the steps above.

How To Download Apps From Google Play On Mac
  1. Using the Chrome browser on your smartphone or tablet, access the Google Play store at https://play.google.com/store.
  2. Near the top-left of the Google Play page, tap the icon and tap the Apps option.
  1. Scroll down the page to view various categories of apps and games, or click Show More at the bottom of the page to view more categories.
  2. The page shows a refined list of applications or games, based on the type or genre you selected. Find the application or game you want to download and tap the icon or its name.

You can also search for an app or game by tapping on the magnifying glass icon at the top-right of the page. Type in the name of the app or game you want to find and tap the Search button.

  1. On the app or game page, tap the green Install button.

Download from Google Play for Chromebook

To download an app or game from the Google Play store on a Chromebook, follow the steps below.

  1. Access the Google Play app from your app drawer on the Chromebook. If the Google Play app is not in your app drawer, go to https://play.google.com/store.
  2. Search for the app you want to install, or browse through the list of apps available.
  3. Once you've found the desired app, click the install button, and the app is added to your Chromebook.

Additional information

  • See the app definition for further information and related links.

Google’s Android is world’s fastest growing mobile operating system. Android has dominated the OS world with over 1 billion active users. As the time is passing on, Android is improving and helping the smartphones to ease the lives of users. Use of Android has become an everyday need now. To entertain Android users, Google has its very own application market named as “Google Play Store” which contains over If you’ve ever used an Android smartphone, you must enjoyed a lot of games, entertainment applications, used different tools to enhance performance of your device or use an utility applications to help yourself. Just in case you haven’t explored the vast world of Android yet, it may be the time for you now. If you have ever wanted to take your Android experience from a small screen of Android smartphone to a bigger screen e.g. of a PC or a MAC, or you want to start your Android experience straight away with a computer, it may be the perfect chance for you.

You must be wondering about how you can take your Android experience to a computer? Well, that’s pretty easy. Android open nature makes every single thing possible for the developers. This open nature of Android has allowed different developers to come up with emulators that run Android OS on a Windows computer or on a MAC. There are several emulators available at the moment, but you got to pick up the free and the best one. To save some time of yours, we have already picked up BlueStacks App Player Android emulatorfor all of you and explained the method to install it and use it.

This tutorial will work for a Windows XP,7,8,8.1,10 PC or a Mac OS X powered Macbook / iMac. The following tutorial will also help you to install any Android applicationson your desktop PC. Using BlueStacks, basically you will be accessing a virtual Android device on your computer. BlueStacks experience may not be as smooth as that of an Android smartphone, but it serves its purpose more then well which is running Android games and applications on PC. If you want to play the games like Clash of Clans for PC, Candy Crush Saga for PC, Flappy Bird for PC, Tap Titans for PC, then go ahead and install BlueStacks App Player – Play Bigger on your Windows PC or Mac.

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BlueStacks App Player: First time installation

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  1. Make sure that you’ve a working internet connection.
  2. Now download BlueStacks App Player setup. Windows Mac OS X
  3. After downloading, run the setup.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to select app store access, installation location and begin the installation.
  5. Now wait for installation to finish, once done BlueStacks will begin to download some game data. Wait for a while and let it finish.
  6. BlueStacks’ homescreen will launch in a while. The homescreen will have an interface full of applications and some buttons at the bottom. The very first row which starts with the “Search” button contains the applications which are pre-installed in BlueStacks. you click the “All Apps” button next to it to checkout all available applications.
  7. You will also fine BlueStacks Settings applications which will act as the primary settings application of your virtual Android device. You can use these settings to control your whole BlueStacks e.g. setting up accounts, managing contacts etc. Rest of the rows on BlueStacks’ homescreen include the application suggestions.
  8. You can install any application from the main screen, but since we are installing it for the first time, we will setup Google Play Store first.
  9. To setup Google Play Store, click on “All Apps” button in the very first row.

  10. Now click on BlueStacks Settings.
  11. Now in BlueStacks Settings > Manage Accounts > Google
  12. Following the on-screen instructions proceed. If you have an existing account, click on the existing button. If you don’t have an account yet, set it up as a new account.
  13. Follow on-screen instructions and finish Google Play account setup.
  14. After you’ve successfully setup your Google Play account, Go back to the homescreen on BlueStacks and click on any application from suggestions to access Google Play Store.
  15. Now setup and enable Account Sync to open Google Play Store. If you encounter an error while enabling Account Sync, follow the instructions given at the end of this guide to resolve it. As you access the Play Store, you will be able to install your desired apps and games.
  16. Once your desired application is installed, it will appear in “All Apps” tab. You can also install applications from suggestions on the homescreen now. You can use your install application using on-screen control instructions.
  17. That’s all.

Install apps for PC in BlueStacks using APK files

If you already have the BlueStacks App Player install on your device and you want to install an application using an APK file, the process is going to be pretty short for you. Follow these instructions.

  1. If you haven’t already install BlueStacks, install it using the instructions above.
  2. Download the APK file of your desired application.
  3. Double click the downloaded APK file and let BlueStacks install it.
  4. Once it is installed, it will appear in “All Apps” section on your homescreen.
  5. Use your install applications using the on-screen instructions.

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App Sync Error “Enter your email address” Solution:

A bug that’s bothering a lot of BlueStacks users at the moment is the App Sync Error. While setting up a Google Play Account to setup Google Play Store, BlueStacks asks you to do the App Sync. Upon setting up the App Sync it gives you the error “Enter your email address” and shows no input fields. Getting rid of this issue is a bit tricky. Let’s have a look on the solution.

Google Play Store On Mac

  1. While you’re stuck on the “Enter your email address” message, click on “Create Account” option below that.
  2. A new account setup screen will open, but you don’t have to create a new account. Click on the “Sign In” button at the top right corner.
  3. Phewww! It will give you the email input option now. Enter your email address and then enter your password to enable App Sync, upon doing this you will be able to access Google Play Store. That’s all 🙂

Facing any issue? Don’t worry at all. Reach us out through the comment box below. We would love to help you 🙂