Deleting App on Launchpad Using Finder. To delete app from launchpad you can also used finder application. If both above don’t work for you. Run the app from Launchpad. Right Click on the app you want to delete on Dock. Now choose the Options Show in Finder. You can also delete the app. Delete All Apps From Launchpad Using Terminal. In this article, we introduce 4 best methods for you to solve how to delete an app on Mac. When you need to delete unwanted apps from Mac, you can choose one of the methods as you want to do such a job. If you think this article is helpful, just share it with your friends. Hope you can enjoy the information. Even the free apps that you download from the App Store are saved as purchases in your account. But can you delete the history of all the purchased apps from the App Store? Apple doesn’t give you the option to delete the purchased app history on your iPhone or iPad. Once you download an app from the App Store, it’ll be forever saved to.

You buy and download apps on iPhone App Store. By default, App Store will record your download history. However, you may don’t want it to save this info. Then how to delete purchased apps from purchase history list?

How to Delete Purchased Apps from App Store on iPhone

How To Delete Purchased App On Mac

Method 1. Change Another Apple ID

We’ve read many posts and find out eventually there is no way to remove purchasing history on App Store. Except you change another Apple ID.

How to delete purchased apps on mac

This way will remove all content related to your Apple ID, including iCloud data, Purchased items and so on.

Method 2. Hide Purchases on iPhone App Store.

Although you can’t remove purchased apps from App Store, you can hide purchases on iPhone App Store. But this feature is only available to people using Family Sharing.

How To Delete Apps On Macbook Air

After testing, we find there is no way to delete purchased apps from purchasing history. And it may be necessary for Apple to develop a feature to do this job.