1. How To Delete An App From Mac El Capitan 10.11

Newly upgraded to Latest released OS X - El Capitan (10.11.5). Now when I open App Store app, the spinning wheel to right of buttons on upper left side continues to spin with no content visible below on any tab button. Originally, I saw that 1-update was available.

Alphy Thomas Modified: December 12th, 2017 Mailbox Recovery

El Capitan is the twelfth release of Mac OS X. This operating system focuses mainly on security, stability, and performance. Opening PDF files, app switching and viewing messages in the Mac Mail is much faster with El Capitan OS. The users are facing challenges on the El Capitan Mac Mail issues on Mail App on their MacBook after upgrading El Capitan. Nothing can be more annoying than an app crash, while you are trying draft an email or trying to open your email to check the inbox. There could be many issues that cause the Mail app to crash on a regular basis.

Many Mac user around the world is accessing Apple Mail email client for their communication purpose. And many of them are facing EL Capitan mail issues in Mac OS X. In this blog, we will cover some of the common problems associated with the crashing of Mac Mail app and also provide some easy tips on how to diminish those issues. i.e. let’s see some manual methods and a perfect automated software solution to solve EL Capitan issues.

Recover El Capitan Mac Mail Issues Manually

How To Delete An App From Mac El Capitan 10.11

There are different manual methods available to solve this error according to the various situations that cause this crash. One can resolve these problems by following the different manual ways that mentioned below as per the situation:

Solution 1: Solve By Internet Account Removal

After upgrading to Mac OS X El Capitan you may experience that the app gets a crash or simply do not work at all. So in order to rectify this problem before you do anything, turn off all your email accounts without opening it. The user can perform this by following the below-given steps:

    • Click on System Preferences >> Internet Accounts >> disable all your email account.
    • To remove an account and turn off all its features >> highlight the account >> Remove button.

Warning: Deleting an account or turning off its individual account features may remove the data stored in the apps.

After disabling the account, one can attempt to open Mail app. In case, Mail app works, then the issue is with the synchronized email accounts. Therefore, turn on each email account one at a time and open the Mail to check if it is working fine. Check this with each account. By this process, you will be able to find the real culprit behind the El Capitan hanging issue. You can opt the other solution if the above solution does not work.

Solution 2: When the Email is Damaged

El Capitan email problems (10.11.3/2/1) may also occur if the user is trying to open an email that is damaged. Therefore, to remove damaged mail user need to follow some steps as mentioned below:

One of the other common cause for El Capitan Mac Mail issues is trying to open the email which is damaged due to some reason. The Mac Mail may continue to crash as long as this damaged email is in the folders itself. But it is tough to pinpoint which of the items are causing the issue. So follow the steps given below to remove the damaged mail users.

1. Open the Mail

  • Click on Mail app to open
  • Immediately hold the Shift key until the Mail opens.

This causes the Mail App to be opened without any message or mailbox selected.

2. Hide the Message

Hide the portion of the message viewer of MS Windows by dragging the thin separator bar between it and the message list. Drag until the Mail displays only the message list and not the message viewer. Now one can view the messages only by double-click on it. Then reset the options of personalized formatting, like reviewing the Mail Preferences and resizing column width, window panes etc.

3. Choose Message Without Open

  • Click on the damaged mail to choose it without opening the mail.
  • Then press Delete or click on Message >> Move to >> Trash.

4. Close the Mail

The last step is to close the Mail app and open it normally.

Solution 3: EL Capitan Mac Mail Issues Without Email Damage

If the email messages are not corrupted, then the users should follow the below-mentioned procedure for making the application work. However, the user has to recreate the custom stationary after following the steps given below:

    1. Go to Finder App >> Go >> Go to Folder.
    1. Type in “~/Library/Containers” and then press on Go button.

After this step, various application container folders are displayed and you need to drag the needed folder to the desired location.

    1. Drag the Com.Apple.Mail folder onto the desktop.

Now the user needs to repeat step 1 for searching the file to be dragged. But it will be a time-consuming task.

    1. Now search for the file com.Apple.MailServiceAgent in the displayed container.

Once the process is done, drag the file to the desktop.

    1. Now the user should restart the system to check the mail app is working properly.

Now you can see that your EL Capitan Mac Mail issues would be resolved.

Automatic Solution for EL Capitan OS Crashing

The best available manual methods that can be used for solving the Mail app crashing with El Capitan. It is described above. But the explained procedure doesn’t give any guaranty to solve the problem. More or else, the processes are bit lengthy and confusing. And also it is highly error-prone, therefore here introduces a third party tool Mac MBOX Converter which can efficiently solve this issues. The key characteristics that make this tool different is:

  • It allows the user to convert Mac MBOX files to EML and PST format.
  • The utility will maintain the integrated structure of the email after conversion.
  • It can convert multiple Mac MBOX files at a time.
  • The application is supported on Mac OSX 10.10 and all its later version.

Final Verdict

In this blog, we have explained various reasons by which the users are facing EL Capitan Mac Mail issues. And it also discusses the manual solution available for each situation. But the resolution process of EL Capitan OS crash is not that easy as it seems to be. Considering this, we have introduced professional software, the Mac MBOX converter to resolve the issue.