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If you want to quickly see what emails are unread in the Mail app for Mac, a new simple filter option makes it easier than ever to show only the new or marked unread messages in your email inboxes.

How To Auto Filter Emails Mac Mail App

Click Filters and Blocked Addresses. Check the box next to the filter. Export a filter. At the bottom of the page, click Export. This will give you a.xml file, which you can edit in a text editor if you'd like. Import a filter. At the bottom of the page, click Import filters. Choose the file with the filter you'd like to. The Mac OS X Mail application will allow you to set up filters or rules that process or sort mail as you receive it. For example, you can filter mail from a certain sender into a folder with the sender's name. To set up a rule to filter your mail in Mac OS X Mail: From the Mail menu, choose Preferences. Banish newsletters, marketing emails, and spam from your inbox forever. Automatically move emails from important contacts into a priority queue. Find old, unimportant emails, and batch delete them to free up space in your mailbox. A few Gmail filters are all you need.Filters let you create rules for how. And you can filter email on your Mac, in your email program. In this article, I’ll look at filtering email on iCloud and Gmail, two of the most popular email services, and explain how you can. Search for emails in Mail on Mac. You can search for email messages in any or all mailboxes by using your own words—such as “emails from John sent yesterday”—or by using Mail suggestions and search filters. Top Hits is listed first in the results, and reflects messages you’ve read and replied to recently, your VIP senders and contacts, and other factors.

This quick-toggle unread email filter feature is available in the most modern versions of Mail for Mac OS, if you are on an earlier system software release this ability will not be available to you, however you could use the unread email inbox sorting trick here instead. Assuming you are on one of the more modern versions of system software though, the new unread email toggle filter is available. Here’s how it works:

How to Filter for Unread Emails on Mac to See All Unread Messages

  1. Open the Mail app on Mac if you have not done so already
  2. At the primary Mailboxes screen in Mail, locate the little filter toggle button, it’s quite small and looks like a series of lines atop one another
  3. Click the little filter button to instantly filter all emails to show Unread messages only
  4. Click the Filter toggle again to show all emails in the inbox, both unread and read

All unread emails will be shown on the Mail screen only for as long as that toggle is set and enabled. In other words, you can toggle it on once and then for each subsequent launch of Mail app the Unread Filter will stay enabled.

This is a great trick to combine with refreshing the inbox to check for new email with a keystroke if you want to focus efforts on only on new or unread messages. It’s also an incredibly helpful trick if you ever find yourself with the Mail app showing you have new unread emails available, but you can’t find them quickly on screen. By toggling the Unread filter, even old emails that are marked as unread will show up on screen.

Note you must click on the actual little round filter button to filter the inbox.

If you click on the text next to the filter button, you will instead reveal a dropdown menu where you can select what the quick Filter button does, including adjusting some simple filtering options for each email account setup on the Mac Mail app and

As mentioned before, this little Filter toggle button is only available in the latest versions of Mail app for Mac OS, including any version beyond Sierra (10.12) or later. For Mac users on an older version of system software, a similar function can be performed by creating an unread mail smart inbox in Mail for Mac in virtually any version of Mail app, and that approach still works in the new versions of MacOS Mail too.

While this is obviously geared towards Mac users and the Mail app, mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad also have a Show Unread Email toggle in iOS Mail to easily and quickly see what emails have yet to be read. The unread email filter toggle works in a very similar manner in both macOS and iOS.

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How To Filter Email Messages

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How To Auto Filter Emails Mac Mail App

Mail User Guide

You can use filters to show only certain email messages in a mailbox, such as those with attachments.

Turn filters on

In the Mail app on your Mac, click the Filter button at the top of the message list, or choose View > Filter > Enable Message Filter.

The Filter button turns blue to indicate the default filter (Unread) or filters you previously set are applied to the current mailbox. The filters are shown in the toolbar above the message list.

Set filters

  1. In the Mail app on your Mac, choose View > Filter.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Set a filter: Select a filter (such as Only from VIP). A checkmark appears next to the filter.

      If you use more than one email account in Mail, you can filter a mailbox by account—for example, you can filter the Inbox for just your iCloud account to show unread.

    • Remove a filter: Select an active filter. The checkmark next to the filter is removed.

How To Filter Emails In Mac Mail

Turn filters off

In the Mail app on your Mac, click the Filter button at the top of the message list, or choose View > Filter > Disable Message Filter.

The Filter button turns gray to indicate that no filters are applied.

How To Filter Mail In Apple Mail

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