The row of apps at the bottom of the iPhone or iPad Home screen is called the dock. Apple has placed some popular apps in the dock for quick and easy access. If there are other apps you would rather have in the dock, it is easy to change the apps to suit your needs. Many people prefer to put their most frequently used apps in the dock.

To move an app to or from the dock, tap and hold any app on the Home screen. All the apps will begin to “wiggle.” This is an editing mode that allows you to rearrange the apps by dragging them around onscreen. While the apps are wiggling, you can drag apps on and off the dock.

The iPhone dock can hold a maximum of four apps and the iPad dock can hold up to six. If the dock is full and you want to move a new app into the dock, you will first need to move an app out of the dock.


The largest part of the Dock holds shortcuts to your favorite apps. They’re easy to add, remove, or reorder by clicking and dragging the icons. To remove an app, drag it off of the Dock or into the Trash — don’t worry, it’ll still be available to in Spotlight or Finder. Do try holding down the Option Key and click on Go and Library. Then Navigate to the Preferences folder. For your Dock plist look for For your Finder look for You might have to remove the lockfile below. You must be looking in the wrong folder. Try the Go with Option held down and Library. On the left-hand side of the Finder window, in the grey sidebar, you will see Applications. Click this to view all the Apps on your Mac. To put an App on the Dock, click on it then drag it to the Dock. To remove and App from the Dock, click on the App icon, and drag it off the Dock. How To Remove Apps From The Dock Locate the app you want to remove from the Dock. Click and hold on the app icon and drag outside the Dock. Now wait for a second or two, a Remove label will appear next to the app icon. This means the app is ready to be removed. Release the click to remove the app. The drag-and-drop method adds or removes an app from your dock. Go to the Launchpad menu, click and hold onto the app, then drag it to the desired position on your dock. To remove the app, click and hold again, then just release the icon into an empty spot on your desktop.

Remove an App From the Dock

Tap and hold your finger on any app until all the apps start to wiggle. Once the apps are wiggling, you can remove an app from the dock by simply dragging the app out of the dock and placing it anywhere on the Home screen.

Add an App to the Dock

While the apps are still wiggling, you can add an app or a folder to the dock by dragging the app or folder from the Home screen to the dock.

Some apps have a small “X” in the top left corner of the icon. Tapping the X will delete the app.

How Do You Remove Apps From Your Dock On A Mac

When you are finished moving apps, press the Home button to exit the edit mode. This will cause the apps to stop wiggling.

Adding To Dock On Mac

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OSX 10.7.1: There appear three question marks in my dock, apparently belonging to apps that I have removed a long time ago.
I can remove these dock items using the context menu ('remove from dock'). But if I then log out and in again, they are present as before at their old places in the dock.
Possibly related: If I specify 'Don't ask before emptying waste box' in the finder settings then this setting is forgotten, too, on log out/in.
Perhaps a matter of erroneous permissions?? But repairing permissions using the hard disk utility didn't help.
Are there .plist files for finder and dock that I could inspect? On Mac OS Lion I couldn't find them. May be their names have been changed (if they still exist at all).