I've never really understood why people cheat on their significant others.

  • As Most of Applications have archive option you can use them they works like hidden feature only.
  • Cheating Dating Apps Preferred By Both Serial And Occasional Cheaters. Dating apps are one of the best ways to build fleeting connections with people far from the cheater’s circle of friends. Cheaters, both occasional and serial, know this well. Internet is full of free and paid cheating dating apps. Below I will list the most used ones.

Hide My Calls/Text – Baseball This app is a decoy app. It looks just like a baseball game but it’s actually a separate app that allows someone to converse with another person in secret. If your significant other has an android phone and they have this app on it, don’t be fooled with the way it looks.

I mean sure, sometimes you catch feelings for someone else or you suddenly find yourself with irrepressible urge to get off the bench and go play the field.

But I don't understand why anyone in their right mind would choose to sneak around with a bunch of side-pieces rather than nobly break up with your SO and be free to do whatever the hell you please, guilt-free of course.

If you're looking for yet another reason why you shouldn't cheat on your girlfriend or boyfriend, look no further.

We just came across a sneaky Siri hack that let's you know if your significant other is cheating without needing their iPhone password.

Yep, this simple trick is a real game changer when it comes to snooping through bae's iPhone.

A girl who goes by the name @Afronomics_ on Twitter recently discovered an iPhone that had been left in a bathroom and tried to uncover the name of its owner in order to return the phone to them.

Instead of repeatedly trying to guess the correct passcode or calling the phone's designated emergency contact, the girl turned to Siri, who apparently isn't as loyal as we thought.

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The girl asked Siri, 'What's my name?' and the device immediately divulged her personal information.

Then she asked, 'Who do I call the most?' and Siri pulled up a list of the device's most recent calls.

Hidden Cheating Apps For Iphone That Look Like Games

After returning the phone to her owner, Afronomics started wondering what other information you could find on someone's iPhone without knowing the iPhone password.

Apparently, Siri isn't too big on keeping secrets because this girl discovered that you can use this iPhone hack to get everything from the owner's name and address, to notifications and recent calls.

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Yep, thanks to this Siri hack, all it takes is the simple push of a button to see if your SO is up to some sus activities.

But it also makes it insanely easy for someone to get all of your personal information, too.

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This could be especially problematic if you lose your phone and all of your personal information ends up in the wrong hands. Yikes.

But before you decide to minimize the risk of losing your iPhone by supergluing it to your hand, you should know that there's an easier solution.

All you have to do is change the settings to prevent your Siri from being a blabbermouth when your phone is locked.

First, you'll need to go to the 'Settings' screen on your iPhone, and select 'Touch ID & Passcode.'

Then turn off 'Siri,' 'Today's View' and 'Notifications View' under the 'Allow access when locked' menu, and you're good to go!

These modified settings will make 'Emergency Call' the only thing accessible when your iPhone is locked, thus keeping your personal information away from unwanted eyes.

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