The PC version of GTA Vice City was released during October 2003, following the release of the game on the PS2 and later on the Xbox. On this page you will find all of the available GTA Vice City PC Cheats. Including the cheat to play as Candy Suxxx.

Gta Vice City Money Cheat

Guide GTA Vice City 2016 contains all strategies, cheats, tutorials and tips for game GTA Vice City which gives you all the necessary informations that'll help you to play much more efficient. This is an unofficial fan guide to GTA Vice City game. Get your motorcycles, cars, trucks, and super cool weapons including swords and riffles right now! This will make your GTA playing experience really awesome – there are so many amazing items to try and all of them are already at hand, so you don’t have to sweat it and try to get them during the playing process. Download GTA Vice City game for free, Vice City is an open-world game and it comes with fantastic action+adventure, where you can kill anyone any time and get fun. This game developed by Rockstar and Published by Rockstar Games. Grand theft Auto Vice city comes for Windows PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, iPhone, Android Phone and etc.

As with most GTA games, Vice City is jam packed with loads of cheat codes related to gameplay, spawning vehicles, changing your character skin and other in-game effects. So if you feel like playing through the game as a different character or screeching through the streets in a newly spawned tank, this is the page for you

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You can enter the following GTA Vice City PC Cheats using your keyboard during gameplay. In some cases you can enter the exact same cheat again to turn it off, however some cheats cannot be reversed after they have been input – so don’t save your game after entering pedestrian related cheats. We recommend that you DON’T SAVE your game while playing with cheats activated as it may disrupt your save game file.

General Gameplay Cheats

Full Healthaspirine
Full Armorpreciousprotection
All Weapons Set 1thugstools
All Weapons Set 2professionaltools
All Weapons Set 3nuttertools
Kill own Charactericanttakeitanymore
Raise Wanted Levelyouwonttakemealive
Lower Wanted Levelleavemealone
All Green Traffic Lightsgreenlight
Bikini Girls With Gunschickswithguns
Fanny Magnet (female peds follow you)fannymagnet
Faster Gameplayonspeed
Speed Up Timelifeispassingmeby
Slow Down Timebooooooring
Pedestrians Riotfightfightfight
Pedestrians Hate Younobodylikesme
Pedestrians Have Weaponsourgodgivenrighttobeararms
Pedestrians Carry Rocket Launchersgodpower
Display Media Level Meterchasestat

Note: The pedestrian cheats cannot be undone.

Character Skin Cheats

Take to the streets as Candy Suxxx, Mercedes, or any of the characters below with the following Vice City character cheats.

Make Tommy Fatterdeepfriedmarsbars
Give Tommy female arms and legsprogrammer
Tommy Smokescertaindeath
Play As Candy Suxxxiwantbigtits
Play As Hilary Kingilooklikehilary
Play As Ken Rosenbergmysonisalawyer
Play As Lance Vancelooklikelance
Play as Love Fist character (Jezz Torent)rockandrollman
Play as Love Fist character (Dick) weloveourdick
Play As Mercedesfoxylittlething
Play As Phil Cassidyonearmedbandit
Play As Pedestrianstilllikedressingup
Play As Ricardo Diazcheatshavebeencracked
Play As Sonny Forelliidonthavethemoneysonny

Spawn Vehicles!

Roll out into the street with the Rhino tank or any of the other vehicles listed below by entering the corresponding cheat codes. Then why not turn things up a notch and make everything faster, with some of the vehicle codes in the table below.

Spawn Bloodring Banger 1rockandrollcar
Spawn Bloodring Banger 2travelinstyle
Spawn Caddiebetterthanwalking
Spawn Hunteriwillgettomars
Spawn Limorockandrollcar
Spawn Rhino (Tank)panzer
Spawn Romero’s Hearsethelastride
Spawn Sabre Turbogettherefast
Spawn Hotring Racer getthereveryfastindeed
Spawn Hotring Racer#2getthereamazinglyfast
Spawn Trashmasterrubbishcar

Other Vehicle Codes

You’ve spawned your favorite vehicle using the cheats codes above, now change some more stuff with these vehicle codes.

Heavy Traffic / Aggressive Driversmiamitraffic
Blow Up Carsbigbang
Blow Up Close Carsbang
Pink Carsahairdresserscar
Black Carsiwantitpaintedblack
Pedestrians get in your carhopingirl
Fast Boats can Fly for a bitairship
Cars drive on waterseaways
Dodo Cheat – Flying Carscomeflywithme
Increased Handlinggripiseverything
Fast Engines 1gettherequickly
Fast Engines 2getthereveryfastindeed
Fast Engines 3getthereamazinglyfast
Higher Top Speedsgettherefast
Bigger Wheels for sports carsloadsoflittlethings
Only wheels visible on carswheelsareallineed

Weather Cheats

What weather do you feel like today! Take your pick…

Good Weatherapleasantday
Great Weatheralovelyday
Foggy Weathercantseeathing
Stormy Weathercatsanddogs
Sunny Weatherabitdrieg
All Weather at once! worldismad

These GTA Vice City PC Cheats are great, but there is also a lot of other info out there related to playing the game, a good place to start would be to check out some walkthroughs on the game, which can be found over on

There are a load of guides to choose from on that site, so if you are confused about which one to pick, then head for Glenster’s guide, back in the day, is the one we turned to to help get through this game, and would be a pretty good place to start.

Other Systems

If you are playing on a system other than Android or iPhone then check out the follow pages:

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Gta Vice City Cheats Codes All PDF DOC File

GTA Vice City if the most popular game from Rockstar Games and it is also popular in kids and elders here is full list of cheat codes will work with gta vice city aka Grand Theft Auto pc game. Download for free and enjoy.If you face any trouble you can ready from here.

ResultCheat Code
Health [Note 1]aspirine
Weapons (tier 1)thugstools
Weapons (tier 2)professionaltools
Weapons (tier 3)nuttertools
Raise wanted levelyouwonttakemealive
Lower wanted levelleavemealone
View media level when over two starschasestat
Better driving skillsgripiseverything
Dodo cars (flying) [Note 2]comeflywithme
Rhino tankpanzer
Faster game clocklifeispassingmeby
Faster game playonspeed
Slower game playbooooooring
Destroy all carsbigbang
Pedestrians riotfightfightfight
Pedestrians attack younobodylikesme
Pedestrians have weaponsourgodgivenrighttobeararms
Pedestrians enter your carhopingirl
Change wheel sizeloadsoflittlethings
Only wheels visible on carswheelsareallineed
Bikini women with guns [Note 3]chickswithguns
Heavy trafficmiamitraffic
Pink trafficahairdresserscar
Black trafficiwantitpaintedblack
All traffic lights greengreenlight
Romero’s Hearsethelastride
Love Fist Limousinerockandrollcar
Bloodring Banger (style 1)travelinstyle
Bloodring Banger (style 2)gettherequickly
Pedestrian costumes [Note 4]stilllikedressingup
Lance Vance costumelooklikelance
Ken Rosenberg costumemysonisalawyer
Hilary King costumeilooklikehilary
Jezz Torent (Love Fist) costumerockandrollman
Dick (Love Fist) costumeweloveourdick
Phil Cassaday costumeonearmedbandit
Sonny Forelli costumeidonthavethemoneysonny
Mercedes costumefoxylittlething
Cars float on waterseaways
Engines are fastergetthereveryfastindeed
Engines very fastgetthereamazinglyfast
All cars are fastergettherefast
Tommy groupies [Note 5]fannymagnet
Ricardo Diaz costumecheatshavebeencracked
Tommy smokes cigarettecertaindeath
Tommy is fatterdeepfriedmarsbars
Tommy has thin arms and legsprogrammer
Good weatherapleasantday
Great weatheralovelyday
Sunny weatherabitdrieg
Stormy weathercatsanddogs
Foggy weathercantseeathing
Reguard targetairship
Commit suicideicanttakeitanymore

Note 1: If this code is enabled when there is damage on your car, the meter will be reset to zero without changing the visible effects of the damage.

Note 2: You will not be able to fly a helicopter correctly when this code is activated.

Note 3: The women will drop guns when they are killed.

Note 4: Repeat this code to cycle through the various pedestrian costumes, including a cop.

Note 5: Aim your gun at someone and they will attack your target.

Gta Vice City All Cheats Codes (70.5 KiB, 14849 downloads)
Gta Vice City All Cheats Codes (19.3 KiB, 6730 downloads)
Gta Vice City All Cheats Codes (2.4 KiB, 5020 downloads)

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