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What is MacGap?

MacGap provides HTML/JS/CSS developers an Xcode project for developing native OS X App. These Apps run in OS X's WebView and take advantage of WebKit technologies.

GitKraken is a Git GUI client for not only Mac, but also Windows and Linux. It's a visual UI for Git that’s not only beautiful, but is also a true time-saver for Git beginners and pros. GitKraken simplifies complicated commands into drag and drop actions. It makes working with remote repositories easier through integrations with GitHub, Bitbucket. I am using GitHub client on MAC OS X 10.10. (Please note that I am not using GitHub for Enterprise.) I noticed that when there is a merge conflict, GitHub Client is prompting me to either resolve the conflict using Finder or External Editor. I do not see the file in merge conflict within GitHub client itself. The author’s Terminal screen on a Mac. GitHub makes Git easier to use in two ways. On Windows, that means starting the Git Bash app you just installed, and on OS X, it’s regular old. Alternatives to GitHub Desktop for Mac, Windows, Linux, Node.JS, Web and more. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. This list contains a total of 25+ apps similar to GitHub Desktop. List updated: 8/27/2020 12:21:00 PM.

MacGap exposes a JavaScript API for OS X integration, such as displaying native notifications or writing data to a file. MacGap is extremely lightweight and nimble; a blank application weighs less than 1MB.

Getting Started

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MacGap makes use of WebViews which is a standard feature that is available when developing native OS X apps within Xcode. The API that is added is also based on official API's provided by Apple. Therefore there are no dirty hacks, no embedded chrome browser or anything that would stand in your way for Mac App Store submission.


You can find MacGap's Documentation at https://macgapproject.github.io/documentation/.

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Having trouble with MacGap? Check out the documentation at https://macgapproject.github.io/documentation/ or open an issue in our Issue Tracker and we’ll help you sort it out.