Q.  Who is eTop-Traders Co., Ltd ?

Ans.   eTop-Traders Co., Ltd is Register under the of DBD Thailand. eTop-Traders Co., registration No. 0105562206250. To check our registration Click here. we believe on honest deal. Fist come – First get Policy applied.

Q. How many Brand are there in eTop-Traders Co., Ltd ?

Ans. Please visit our Quotation page always. There are fresh update are available.

Q.  i want to see quality certificates ?

Ans. Read the green paper at certificate page. you can download and read carefully. All mention certificates we have. we provide you on shipping list.

Q. How Much is your MOQ / Monthly production or Availability ?

Ans. eTop-Traders Co., Ltd have good stock MOQ / Availability for his customers. You can submit your order up to 999 million boxes in one order. if you have order more than ONE BILLION BOXES you can ask to us your shipment schedule after submission your POF. proof of funds.

Q.  What is process to buy Gloves from you?

Ans. Customer must follow our steps,

A.       See our quotation and send us your purchase order PO along with POF proof of fund, buyer company details and buyer signatory person passport.  We make a agreement SPA ( Sale Purchase Agreement).       B.        Customer read it carefully. sign stamp and send us back. we make complete it from our office and will send a complete copy of SPA ( Sale Purchase Agreement) back to customer,        C,           After receiving the SPA ( Sale Purchase Agreement) final documents customer need to deposit advance pay within 72 hours after sign contract as per agreement and prepare his shipping company.     D.     As payments credit into our account we issue a finance bill to customer and line up his shipment lot.   E.   Customer shipment goes on time. 

Q. Can i get your SPA (Sale Purchase agreement) ?

Ans. here you can find a Blank copy of our SPA. Its a sample SPA for customer information. few terms maybe goes change upon on your order list.  Click here for SPA

Q.  What is shipping schedule ?

Ans. Due to high demand of supply all shipment order have different schedule. you will get final shipment schedule on SPA contract agreement. first come first get policy applied.

Q.  Can you accept 100% LC ?

Ans.    Apologize, this time due to high demand of gloves this time we can’t accept 100% LC.

Q.  Can my order confirmed in advance without payment ?

Ans. Apologize, we can’t confirm production lot without advance deposit. You must deposit advance TT, after your deposit your shipment schedule goes active/ start. first come first get policy applied.

Q.   Can we get Product CIF by sea or Air ?

Ans. Dear sir, we deal in FOB Bangkok Thailand. Customer will arrange his logistic for shipping the product.

Q.  What is the grantee that customer will get the Product?

Ans. Dear Sir, eTop-Traders Co., Ltd is registered company in Thailand. Our account is registered under company. also you can visit our website. on footer we have google map location. you or your contact can visit us on follow the map location. you can verified us by any security Detective company resource. 

Q.  Can we get the bank grantee against customer deposit?

Ans. Dear sir, your all payment goes to brand factory for confirmation of your lot. apologize we can’t provide you advance grantee on it.

Q.  Have your stock in store, can we see the product video or with code?

Ans. As you know the high demand of gloves. we not have product in store. as product goes ready, customer ship it out.

Q. i want stock urgent or as soon as possible?

Ans. Apologize for crazy buyers. eTop-Traders Co., Ltd have first come first get policy. we have limited stock. we need to share with our all customers community. first come first get policy applied.  

Q. Can you gave us commission upon order or intermediary?

Ans. eTop-Traders Co., Ltd not accept free lancers. All sales team is working under the system network. However all free lancer marketing peoples can make deal with buyer end. 

Q. Who is the authorized staff in eTop-Traders Co., Ltd ?

Ans. eTop-Traders Co., Ltd have a large network of marketing staff across the world. They can introduced you with eTop-Traders Co., Ltd. They help you to connect with us. its our office sales system network. But they are not authorized to sign contract or collect any amount in any account except eTop-Traders Co., Ltd Thailand bank account.  Customer can contact with us for any person verification by our email address , inquiry form or whats-app chat. For update system Authorized staff details Click here

Q. i still have more questions ?

Ans. You are at website. you are seeing a whats-app i-con on the left side of your screen. you can type here your question. our support team is 24/7 online for you.

                                                             Thank you