By Squashed Software Email Backup will automatically backup up your email email data to the specified destination. The destination can be any mountable volume. Email backup has support for the.

The easiest way to maintain email backups on your Mac

'Horcrux is handy since you don't actually have to think about it when it's running'

Horcrux uses the standard IMAP protocol to access the emails. IMAP is a common protocol used by most email service providers like Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, Exchange etc to fetch emails. Don't worry, we've made it super easy.

In case you inadvertently delete an important email, you can undelete it with just a click. Also included is a migration assitant in case you need to move to another email service.

You can add any number of email accounts. Backups will be made in the set frequency.

Very good app to keep your Gmail messages safe

by @regeek

Imagine if you lost years of your correspondence by loosing access to your Gmail account. And you need to search THAT message with vital information now. Horcrux can save your life and wallet in a very unobtrusive way. Recommended app for every heavy Gmail user.

Does what it says very well

by Houndsoul

This app literally saved my digital life. I was setting up scan to email on a certain unnamed scanner and possibly I entered some wrong settings. Since my email is IMAP based, this for unknown reasons wiped out my entire mailbox trash included, Thanks to this app and its daily backups I was able to get it all back.

Just does the job perfectly

by TL-Photography

I seem to have my whole life on email and it’s all stored in the cloud which scares me. This was exactly the type of program I had been looking for. All I wanted was something to just backup in the background and know that I would not loose everything if the worst happend. Simple little program which does the job perfectly. Thanks for developing.

Saved me !!

by Gellfling

I had a friend wanting to move his hosting, moving his email accounts. I setup Horcurx to backup his 5 email accounts. I went to move his current email but as i had to remove IMAP accounts and readd the email was gone. I used the restore feature and am now uploading his email to the new server. Thank you

NOTE: ImportExportTools NG add-on is no more supported by new Thunderbird versions.

The steps are as follows,

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  • In Thunderbird, install the ImportExportTools NG add-on
  • Then right-click your email profile to back up all emails and choose ImportExportTools NG
  • Choose Export all the folders options
  • You may also right-click on an individual folder and choose ImportExportTools NG>Export all messages in the folder
  • Select the desired file format to back up Thunderbird emails

As ImportExportTools NG add-on is no more supported by the latest Thunderbird versions, you can use Stellar Converter for MBOX to export and back up Thunderbird emails more conveniently and faster in various formats. The software also exports and back up Thunderbird emails in Outlook importable PST format and Office 365.

The steps are as follows,

  1. Download, install, and launch Stellar Converter for MBOX software
  • In Select MBOX window, select Thunderbird from the Email Client drop-down list
  • Then click on Select File or Select Identity and choose the profile folder that contains MBOX files The default location is,
  • Click Convert to start the Thunderbird mailbox conversion process
  • After the conversion, all mailbox items appear in a tree format on the left pane. You can click on emails to preview them
  • Select the emails or email folders and click Save Converted File
  • Select the desired format from Save As window, such as New PST, and click Next
  • Click Browse and choose a destination where you want to save the Thunderbird email backup as a PST file
  • After the Thunderbird mailbox is backed up and saved in the PST file, a Selected Items Converted and Saved Successfully message box will appear. Click OK

Now, you can import the backup PST file into any Outlook or Office 365 account by using the Import/Export wizard.

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You must back up Thunderbird emails regularly as they may contain critical information and data. Backup helps restore the emails later if they get corrupt or lost due to events such as hard drive failure or system crash. In this guide, we explained a few methods to back up Thunderbird emails in multiple formats. You can use Stellar Converter for MBOX to back up Thunderbird emails quickly in Outlook importable PST file, HTML, RTF, PDF, and Office 365. It also helps you migrate MBOX mailbox data to Outlook and Office 365 in a few clicks.

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Besides Thunderbird, the software supports all other MBOX email clients such as Entourage, Spicebird, Pocomail, Eudora, Apple Mail, Mulberry, SeaMonkey, Claws Mail, Opera Mail, Netscape, Mozilla Mail, Evolution, Mutt, Sylpheed, Cone, & GNU Mail.