EBay launches Mac app for auction tracking Online auction service eBay jumped into the Mac App Store on this week, launching a new program that lets users track sales from their desktop. READ Mac mini 2020 64GB RAM 3GHz 6-Core Intel i5 512GB SSD Fast Apple Desktop A+ £1,679.00 Apple iMac 21.5' desktop computer All-in-one A1311 Mid 2011 i5 2.7GHZ 8GB 2TB.

If you’ve posted more than a few things on eBay, you know it’s a tedious process. The website gives you very basic listing options. You can’t create custom templates or shortcuts. eBay gives away Turbo Lister 2 to help power users, but it only works in Windows. Mac users don’t have many software options, but we reviewed them to find the best.

1. Crazy Lister (Online Service)

Ebay Desktop App Windows 10

CrazyLister isn’t direct eBay listing manager. It lets you create stylish templates for your listings on the web. It’s not a Mac program. Basic templates are free. The pro version ($14.95) gives you advanced templates and unlimited listings. This service is good if you just want your eBay listings to stand out a bit more. The templates let you control the backgrounds, images, and rich media like videos.

2. Lucid Auction Lister

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Lucid Auction Lister is an inexpensive alternative to the eBay web interface. It won’t give you any new options when compared to posting to the web. It’s main attraction is offline auction creation. You can create your auctions in batch and then submit them directly from the app.

This program is good if you don’t have internet access near your inventory site. You can create your I listings with pictures and then submit them later.

For $6.99 it’s a good value for someone who wants to avoid posting directly via the web. This program works well with CrazyLister because customized templates is a key thing Lucid Auction Lister lacks. I’d suggest this for someone posting more than five auctions a month. More than five auctions probably needs a more customizable program.

Want to do eBay listings in the cloud?Auctiva is a good alternative. Pricing starts at $2.95 and the first 30 days is free.

3. iSale 5 by Equinox

iSale was a great product when it out 2006. It was an Apple Design Award winner. I used the program for ages. Equinox still supports the product and recently did an update for El Capitan compatibility. It uses the old skeuomorphism of a bulletin board that reminds me of iPhoto from five years ago. It feels old and outdated because of these old design elements.

The templates help you quickly post stuff to sell and duplicate those listings. It tracks each auction and what you need to do: collect payment, ship it, send feedback. The problem with this program is it still assumes it’s the era of Snow Leopard.

It tries to use Picasa to host pictures but fails if you use two-factor authentication for Google. They used to reference MobileMe’s iDisk but, fortunately, removed that option in newer updates. FTP is still in there, but they still list their discontinued Macbay service.

If you host your images on eBay’s servers, then this program is adequate. I don’t recommend it based on its age and lack of compatibility. For $24.99 I’d expect much more.

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4. Garage Sale

Garage Sale is the most expensive program in this bunch, but for $39.99 it has everything. I’ve used this program for months and highly recommend it. Unlike iSale, it’s fully modern. It uses the current user interface elements like cover flow and the media inspector. The software gives you 140 design templates for free.

It also lets you host pictures on their servers for free. If you want more artistic templates, add-on

The software lets you repeat standard boilerplate disclaimers on all your auctions. That’s handy when you sell many of the same items. For pictures, it has built-in image editor so you can stay working within the software. I just need to find the pictures and write a description. Garage Sale handles all the repetitive and mundane tasks of listing an auction.

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Besides listings, what shines with Garage Sale is auction management. Once you post the auction, Garage Sale lets you post the link automatically on Twitter. They don’t include Facebook options, but hopefully will in a future release. The developers tell me a new version is coming out soon. All your communications come through the software’s dashboard.

It uses the Mac’s Notification Center to tell you when someone bids–you hear a nice cash register sound. Using Smart Groups, it organizes sales feedback and payment/shipping status. With a glance, you know exactly what you need to do.


Parting Wisdom

I’ve been using eBay listing software on the Mac for decades, and Garage Sale is the best. It’s not cheap, so you need to be serious about regularly posting on eBay. I’m excited to see what features they offer in the new version. Right now, they don’t seem to be missing a thing.

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I just realized that in the 2 years I've had data in WonderLister, I have really not lost a single piece of data or experienced data corruption. I had that one issue back last fall, but this was due to me moving SQL and having problems with PC issues, I cannot attribute this to WL. In Blackthorne, we were having to 'de-corrupt' the database on a weekly basis, and in SixBit there were always 'ghost ads' or disappearing ads. Every cloud based solution has been completely unusable in the long term (Auctiva, Vendio, SolidCommerce, Linnworks, etc). I never had any confidence that my data was safe & secure in any solution before now. I really do trust WonderLister and now I realize that if I can't see data that doesn't mean its not there, which was never the case before!! Really great work, it is so truly refreshing to finally have a good piece of software to build and run my business. As of tonight I finally have my data under control, my Ebay Store is organized and I am just sitting down with a 3rd listing person tomorrow who will be working extensively in WL. I have made 1,000's of revisions this weekend without a single hiccup! Network speed is IMPRESSIVE. I am running 5 pcs 24/7 against the database on a 6th pc and we fly through our data as fast as we can 'click, type, & scroll'. Great work guys, see the results here: http://stores.ebay.com/3rd-Venue My goal is to put up 1,000-2,000 more ads by the end of the month, and be running 5,000+ by June. Good night, Jay