Create Gmail Desktop App (Chrome) So your Gmail inbox is now syncing offline, but you still need to open your Chrome browser to access it. The next step is to turn Gmail into a regular desktop app. To do this, simply open Gmail in Chrome, then click “the three-dotted menu icon at the top right - More tools - Create shortcut.”. There are also several third-party apps for Mac that you can use to get gmail on your desktop. This article explains four other options, in addition to the Mail app, (Go for Gmail, Kiwi for Gmail, Mailplane, and Wavebox) for downloadable desktop apps to get Gmail on your Mac. Install Go for Gmail if you want to check Gmail from your Mac's menu bar. You can click on the menu bar icon to toggle the app window, which lays out Gmail exactly as it appears online. Right click on a blank space on the desktop new shortcut use this or if you are using Chrome: With Gmail open to the Inbox, open the Chrome menu.

If you're a Gmail user, and especially if you use multiple Gmail/Google accounts, Kiwi is by far the best Mac app available. @KiwiforGmail is kind of changing my life. The Kiwi for Gmail app offers a pure Gmail experience from the comfort and convenience of your desktop.

  1. If you haven’t already, download and install Spark mail app on your Mac to get started. If you’re already using Spark and want to add a Gmail account, follow these instructions here instead.
  2. Launch Spark for Mac
  3. Click on “Start using Spark” on the welcome screen.
  1. Type in your email address, tick the checkbox next to “I agree to the Spark Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” and click on the “Next” button.
  1. On the next screen, enter your Gmail password and click Next. Then, click on the blue ‘Allow’ button to grant Spark access to your email account, so you can use your Gmail within Spark.

That’s it! There are no Settings to configure and no servers to specify. Just sign into your Gmail account and start using Spark for Mac.

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How to Add Gmail Email to Spark for Mac

If you are already using Spark Mail app on your Mac and want to add your Gmail account, simply follow these steps.

  1. Launch Spark for Mac
  2. At the top left of your screen, click on “Spark” > “Add Account…”
  1. Click on the “Gmail” icon from the grid of email service providers
  1. When you see the Sign in with Google screen, enter your Gmail email and password and click Next. Then, click on the blue ‘Allow’ button to grant Spark access to your email account, so you can use your Gmail within Spark.

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That’s it! Spark will automatically set up your Gmail account on Mac and all your emails will be available to use on your Mac.

I’ve used Apple’s Mail program for years but I’m still confused about the Archive mailbox and would be grateful if someone could help me out. In Mail under “Mailboxes” in the upper left column I’ve got folders labeled Inbox, Flagged, Draft, etc, and Archive at the bottom. The Archive folder then itself has a box/folder for what looks to be each of my IMAP accounts (some are Gmail, some are on my local ISP).

My question has to do with the Gmail Archive mailbox. I can’t figure out how my mail gets in there and what's the best way to manage it. When I delete a Gmail e-mail in the Mac Mail app I always use the Trash icon, not the Archive icon. Yet I still see deleted e-mail in Archive. I’ve also noticed is that the Archive box contains a series of e-mails showing the incremental steps I’ve made in composing a Gmail e-mail. There could be fifty copies, each a bit longer, and they stay in that box for years unless I manually remove them. It also contains mail sent to me, usually emails that I’ve already stored in a different mailbox. Unfortunately I’m occasionally not sure if I did actually store it elsewhere, so I have to manually confirm that before deleting it from Archive

I’ve looked at some online material but never been able to figure this out. Could someone help me out?

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