Jun 2 2011


By default, all apps that you purchase from the Mac App Store and most other apps appear in the Applications folder. If you used a custom installation in OS X Mavericks, then you may need to use Spotlight to find the location of the app on your computer. Mavericks uses two types of applications - an application bundle or a installer.

How To Check Running Apps On Macbook

Sometimes, there's a program running on a port and you don't know what it is. How do you find out? I find this happens when I start a webserver up to test something locally and then I forget about it. So, if I wanted to find out what was running on port 80: This command shows a list of open files. The -i option checks for internet addresses with the colon symbol representing a port (instead of an actual IP address). Note, I've only used this on Mac OS X. I'm not sure if there's an equivalent for *nix or if it's available in some package.