Patrick Wardle, former NSA hacker and currently chief research officer at Digita Security, uncovered the fact that Adware Doctor is stealing its users' browser history from most popular web browsers, as well as recent App Store searches and a detailed list of processes running on the Mac among other things.

The first one who detected Adware Doctor's suspicious spyware-like behavior was a security researcher with the @privacyis1st Twitter handle. He also uploaded a YouTube video on August 10th, detailing the exact procedure used by Adware Doctor to grab and upload the user's browsing history.

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In his blog post, Patrick Wardle details how, when Adware Doctor:Antimalware & Ad is done collecting your data, it will also quickly zip everything up into a file and will upload it together with a JSON blob listing all the software downloaded on your Mac to a Chinese server for exfiltration.

To do this, Adware Doctor is able to bypass Mac App Store's sandbox restrictions to be able to access, copy and upload user files from the Mac it is installed on.

The application got through Apple's Mac App Store review process without raising any flags

It is tough to understand how an app which breaks a whole slew of rules from Apple's App Store Guidelines can be approved and published on the Mac App Store, and subsequently stealing private data from its users.

After the report sent in by Wardle, Apple's Mac App Store Review team said that 'We have forwarded your feedback to the appropriate team. Someone from this team will investigate and follow up as needed. Because we can only share communications about an app with its developer, you will not receive updates in this matter.'

At the moment the Adware Doctor:Antimalware & Ad is still available through Apple's Mac App Store despite Patrick Wardle reporting the issue in August and is the fifth app in the top paid apps in Apple's Mac App Store which sells for $4.99.

Below you can find a video recorded by Wardle to show how the Adware Doctor app is stealing browsing history from the Mac it is installed on.

UPDATE: Apple has finally removed the spyware-behaving app from the Mac App Store. When trying to access its Mac App Store page, an 'Item Not Available' error message is displayed.

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Think of it this way, Apple launched MacOS Sierra, which opens up the new dimension to your MacBook. Siri is now on MacBook’s and is much smarter now to help you find your file with ease or do things for you. It also enables you to unlock your MacBook through your apple watch or so. How amazing is that? Even with so much technology in hand, it so easy for people to just find out shortcuts and ways develop hacks. As the technology advances, people mind also does in focusing on breaking through the existing one.

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Hope this was easy for you and you had no problems. If you have some problem or questions then make sure you put them down in the comments.