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Not everyone uses Outlook and even then you might not want to have all your ‘life’ integrated into a corporate application. If you quit or get laid off do you want to leave personal data behind?

107 researched apps verified to support Getting Things Done as of today (07 Nov 2020) Watch for tools that have TRO training available. TRO is a more advanced GTD-like system and demands more powerful software tools. Like many, I recently had the urge to organize my life. I decided this time I would be serious about it and enlist some GTD apps to assist me. From the collection of apps I tried, my favorite was Things by CulturedCode. There are many features I love about this app, but one feature I wish it had was the ability to email myself tasks.

An app that I’m a fan of is Get It Done App. It’s available for multiple platforms:

• iOS
• Android
• Windows 8 via the Windows Store (it will work on Win RT devices like the Surface)
• Blackberry
• Blackberry Playbook!!! (this is how I found it btw)
• Web based so you can use a PC/Mac

While the apps are free you do need to pay for a web synchronization subscription.

The app is based around a tagging approach, you can add multiple tags like names, places etc. There are also dedicated fields for project categories

Best Gtd App 2014 Mac

Best Gtd App For Android

Here’s the initial screen. I haven’t used this app for a while so my inbox is empty. It’s a nice clean layout and is consistent across all OS’s. (all the screen shots are off of my Surface RT and the Win 8 app)

Then when you add a task you’re shown the following options.

You have a place to name the task, add a fairly detailed description and context, a due date, tags and some additional qualifiers. The first three fields are pretty self-explanatory so I won’t explain them. The ‘Focus’ consists of Inbox, Today, Next, Scheduled, and Someday. (you can see them listed to the left in the above screenshots.

Best Gtd App Ipad

The GTD process is well replicated in this setup. Your items will start off in ‘Inbox’, especially if you use the feature that allows you to email tasks into the app. As you schedule items and add details to the individual tasks they will end up in either Today or Next. For items you plan on doing later there’s the Someday section.

The one area that’s different from most GTD implementations is the Area context. This is a really great feature as it allows you to segment your task list. I used it to differentiate work items from classes from home tasks. Although I could have used tags and different views to achieve the same thing this is pretty slick and convenient.

Best Gtd App 2014 Mac Download

The last two areas are for tags and projects. You can have multiple tags – this is where I’d put someone’s name in. It’s also where I’d tag an item if it was a journal entry or and audit item.

Best Gtd App 2014 Mac Pro

Projects are like tags except that they are assigned to one Area and each task can only be part of one project. That might be limiting to some people but I’ve haven’t had it as a problem.

Best Gtd App 2014 Mac Computer


So far so good – the app is cross platform and you can set up tasks. Where the real capability of the app comes in is in it’s displaying of the tasks – using the Projects and Smart Groups view. I’ll go over that later on in the week.

Best Gtd App 2014 Macro

Disclaimer – I have no relationship with the developer of this app and I paid full price for the app.